71 United States Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter L

LaylaNigh time in Arabic. Layla and Qays are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and ArabiaGirl
LabiLabi means She Moves in a Slow MannerGirl
LacindaLacinda means She is LightGirl
LadonnaLadonna means The LadyGirl
LaginaName formed by adding popula prefix La to name GinaGirl
LaiklynThe name means Coming from a Small Body of WaterGirl
LaishaLaisha means ProsperousGirl
LakeishaLakeisha means JoyfulGirl
LakelynLakelyn means Beautiful LakeGirl
LakenFrom the Lakeunisex
LakendraGreatest ChampionGirl
LakenyaFrom KenyaGirl
LalaciaNew, american female name that means a chatty personGirl
LanicaChief of heavenGirl
LaquitaCreated American name from a French Nobleman's surnameGirl
LaramieTear that are shed out of loveUnisex
LaryssaA cheerful, joyous one who spreads happinessGirl
LatriceVariation of the name Beatrice by adding prefix LaGirl
LatrishaOf noble origin, descendant of noblemanGirl
Laurannefrom Laurentum, town nameGirl
LaureenSweet bay tree; From the bayGirl
LaurelinLand of the valley of the singing GodGirl
LaurellLaurel treeGirl
Laurellebay tree; crowned with laurel branchesGirl
LaurentineLaurel plantGirl
LaurettaSweet bay treeGirl
LauretteLaurel tree, symbol of honor and victoryGirl
LaurinLaurel tree or sweet bay treeGirl
LaurindaThe laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.Girl
LawrenciaShe who is crowned with laurelGirl
LaynieThe Light of telling the truthGirl
LeaPerson who brings good newsGirl
LeatrixCombination Of Leah And BeatrixGirl
LeaundraLionlike womanGirl
LeceaPerson of a noble kindGirl
LeeanneFrom the names Lee and AnneGirl
LeighnaA distinguished, Illustrious womanGirl
LeighsaideA combination of names, means Beautiful and JoyfulGirl
LekeishaA person who is generaly happy and joyfulGirl
LerinaA song that I love, that is close to my heart, my songGirl
LeshaOne of a noble kind, a difnified personGirl
LeshahA precious and kind personGirl
LesiaA person who is of noble kind, a distingueished oneGirl
LethaA person who tends to forget things, absent personGirl
LethiaOne with an absent mind and bad memoryGirl
LexissDefender of the peopleGirl
LiannaA God's anwer to the prayers, to see GodGirl
LibertyFreedom, independence, liberationUnisex
LillyLilly as a Lily flower, pure and beautiful oneGirl
LilyanFrom the name of the flower lily, symbol of purityGirl
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