59 United States Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M

MiaThe person who is dearly to everyone.Girl
MadalynShe who comes from a towerGirl
MadalynnA woman who is from a towerGirl
MadisynIt is Matthew's son; a brave son; elegant beingGirl
MaggiWoman lovely as a pearlGirl
MaggieA woman pure as a pearlGirl
MakailaAn American name, meaning "Who is like God?"Girl
MaliyahShe who is deeply lovedGirl
MallorenLaurel of bad luckGirl
ManaccaA place name of the town in PennsilvaniyaGirl
MandelinaShe who is lovableGirl
MandieA woman worthy of affectionGirl
MarandaA woman who must be admiredGirl
MarayaA woman who is admiredGirl
MaribethA sea of bitterness and a house of GodGirl
MarignyA place name, a neighborhood of the City of New OrleanceUnisex
MarinaleeA woman from the healing seaGirl
MarolynBitter dwells by the torrentGirl
MarrilynnBitter dwells by the sea tideGirl
MartinaWarring, warlike womanGirl
MarveneA grand ladyGirl
MaytenA modern name meaning one who is born on th 10th of MayGirl
MckenzyOne who is paleGirl
MeghynOne who is the child of light; pearlGirl
Mekaistothe Red Cow, This is the Cow which is praised to be as Holy Cow for sacrificeUnisex
MekelleA Gift from the Almighty.Girl
MelOne who is fearless and daring, always having brashness and self confidence.Unisex
MeleaThe one who has unpleasant or nasty taste in his lifeUnisex
MeliMalicious water, harsh and cruel sea or oceanGirl
MensonseaThe person who always use his,her left hand for all activities.Unisex
MeriaThe harsh taste of the Ocean.Girl
MerridanAn equal distant from the extremes.Unisex
MerticeA person who has general authority over others.Girl
MethotaseLaying eggs in the sandGirl
MethotaskeOne who lays eggs in sand, or laying eggs in sand.Girl
MiakodaThe strength of the Moon.Girl
Michiganthe large river.Unisex
Migisithe one who looks like an eagle.Girl
Mihewithe lady of the sun.Girl
MikayaAmerican variant of the name Malachi that means the messenger or the angel.Girl
MileyIn American it refers to "Smiley" and in Hawaiian it means "vine"Girl
MillarayA golden colored flowerGirl
MinganA grey wolf, a person who is intelligent and furious as wolfGirl
MinyaAn older-sister, a desired oneGirl
MisaeIn American it means beneath the hot son. In Japanese it means beautiful sand artGirl
MisteaA mist covered girlGirl
MisteeA foggy person, mistGirl
MisteyA person who is out of the mistGirl
MistiThe mist covered over a personGirl
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