18 United States Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter O

OliviaThe one who is closer to olive tree.Girl
OcheckkaThe one who is intoxicated in infatuation or affection.Unisex
OdaAn assister of the religion or faith. One who assists in spreading the faith.Girl
OdinaNap and impassiveness.Girl
OgimaGod is Merciful, God is hearing and answering, also it means fresh as well.Unisex
OhioThe feeling of extreme pleasure and satisfaction of the eyes.Unisex
OhiyoLovely eyes that induce magnetism, the one with expressive eyesUnisex
OkenaA horn or a pointed horn-like objectUnisex
OlatheThe general outward appearance of something.Girl
OlenciaBlinking of an eye, very short time.Girl
OlisaThe combination of Olivia and Elisa.Girl
OnatahThe 3rd planet form the sun where mankind live (earth)Girl
OnawaThe great awareness or excessive attentivenessGirl
OpaNocturnal bird, Owl.Girl
OrendaEnchanted curse or black magic.Girl
OrniceGodly brightness, heavenly dainty.Girl
OxideA compound of oxygenUnisex
OzetteA name given for large and deep lakeGirl
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