74 United States Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

SophiaShe who posesses great knoledge and wisdomGirl
SaeburgAn individual who is amusing and boldGirl
SaleneAmerican name meaning HeavenGirl
SamanthaThe God has heard your prayerGirl
SaniThe old one, too ancient, a giftUnisex
SardaAmerican invented nameGirl
SarethaAn excellenceGirl
SasilviaVariation of the name SilviaGirl
SavvyShe who is smartGirl
SaydeeVariation of Sadie meaning princessGirl
SchantelleOne who loves to singGirl
SeannaGod is graciousGirl
SeattleA place nameGirl
SedonaA place nameGirl
SellmaOne who demands peaceGirl
SenuriA person with strong mind and heart; full of youthGirl
ShaelaA combination of names, The Butterfly princess of the meadowGirl
ShaelieA noble oneGirl
ShaelynShe is the one who replacesGirl
ShalaOne who is like a small mountainGirl
ShaleighA made up name from Sha and Leah, means a female gazelleGirl
ShaleyCombination of name, means a princess of the butterfly meadowGirl
ShalitaA little winged woman, combination of namesGirl
ShalyA female who is like an antelopeGirl
ShalynA female whose beauty is her strenghtGirl
ShalynnA woman of the lake, made up nameGirl
ShamekaA made up name, means a womanGirl
ShamiaA made up name from Sha nad Mia, means a women's sea of sorrowGirl
ShammisOne who supplants the otherGirl
ShanaeVariation, shanaGirl
ShanequaThe God is graciousGirl
ShanethaA created name, means a womanGirl
ShaquanaTruth in lifeGirl
ShaquannaTruth in lifeGirl
SharreeA darling womanGirl
SharrieA very darling, sweet womanGirl
ShastaFrom the triple-peaked mountainUnisex
ShatoraA woman who is a victor. A modern nameGirl
ShatoriaA combination of name Means To be your own masterGirl
ShatorriaA woman who is a vicotorGirl
ShatoryaOne who is God's gracious victroyGirl
ShatoyaA combination of names, means woman is her own measterGirl
ShawnetteA woman who is a beutiful and intelligent flowerGirl
ShawnteThe God's kindnees and mercyGirl
ShayleeFrom the fairy place, a fairy princessGirl
ShaylynnShe is like a beutifu; HawkGirl
SheloaAmerican name meaning heavenlyGirl
ShelseeAmerican name meaning portGirl
ShelynBeloved womanGirl
ShemekaAmerican created nameGirl
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