89 United States Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TabananicaHears the sunriseUnisex
TablitaA tiara a headdress with feathers and symbolic designGirl
TaditaThe running one; To the windGirl
TahkiCompletely, without anything leftGirl
TaigiReturning of the moonGirl
TailynnFrom the vietnamese word tai which means talented and english word lynn which means waterfallGirl
TainiBorn during the returning moonGirl
TainnNew moon babyGirl
TaiomahThunder; Bear those voice who makes the rocks tremblesGirl
TaipaTo spread the wingsGirl
TaishaSomeone who is alive; She who livesGirl
TaitlynnLight of our lifeGirl
TakalaTassel of a cornGirl
TalahPalm tree that is just about to start to growGirl
TalasiA corn tassel flowerUnisex
TalayaDew from heavenGirl
TalenaFrom ancient celtic ta'lena which means the rock; Spanish dimunitive of the name magdalenaGirl
TaliseBeautiful waterGirl
TallulahLady of abundanceGirl
TamathaName means Dear Tammy, Dear palm treeGirl
TamberA musical tone. One who is musicalGirl
TambiA young one, a childGirl
TamiraA palm tree's spliceGirl
TamishaAn American version of Tamara meaning the palm treeGirl
TammiellaA combination of Tamara and Ella, meaning a fairy maiden of the palm treeGirl
TamsinA short form of thomasinaGirl
TanaeShe who is worthy of praiseGirl
TandiceA team, a person who is a part of a teamGirl
TandilynVariation of the name Tandi meaning a teamGirl
TangelaAn angelGirl
TangiaOne who is like an angelGirl
TanginikaGoddess of the lakeGirl
TaralynnAmerican variation of the name Tara meaning hillGirl
TarianaCombination name, from names Tara and Ariana, a holy hillGirl
TashanayAlteration of Natasha meaning born on Christmas dayGirl
TashinaA woman wearing a blanketGirl
TattinaCombination of name Tatiana and TinaGirl
TatyanahA fairy princessGirl
TavionA twinUnisex
TavonOf the staff of the godsUnisex
TawnyBrownish yellow, tanGirl
TaygaThe gracious oneGirl
TayleeVariant of the name Taylor, occupational name, tailorGirl
TaynaA seamstressGirl
TaysiaWoman from AsiaGirl
TeelaA form of tealaGirl
TelissaAmerican created nameGirl
TenessA place of gathering near the waterGirl
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