89 United States Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TennieFeminine short of Tennesse, a meeting placeGirl
TeodecAn entire Earth; fertileGirl
TerricaAmerican created nameGirl
TerryllModern invented nameGirl
TerylAmerican created nameGirl
TeslaSlavic surname, a tool used to harvest timberGirl
TexannaA girl from TexasGirl
TikalSomething at the waterhole or near the water reservoirGirl
TimberlakeThe lake or reservoir in midst of timber treesUnisex
TimberlyA rock or gem from the lands on timberGirl
TimeekaA good spirited personGirl
TineciaGod is with usGirl
TinkiOne who is bashful or shyGirl
TionaA fairy queen, a deityGirl
TionneA supreme gift from GodGirl
TiponyaAn owl who is jabbing the hatching eggGirl
TivaThe dance or one who loves to danceGirl
TokoriAn owl, one with quality of owlsUnisex
TolinkaThe flapping ear of a canine or coyoteGirl
TonantzinMother earth or the mother GoddessGirl
TonicaTo the people, something to the raceGirl
TopangaA point of meeting or mountain and seaGirl
TorieA form of toriGirl
ToshawahA jewellery item specifically a silver broochGirl
TotoleA star of the constellationUnisex
TowandaA peaceful resting place or the place of rushing waterGirl
TrackA path or way, a seasonGirl
TrakialaA formed or createdGirl
TravonFair townUnisex
TrevonFair townUnisex
TriannaA gracious or a noble person, a pureGirl
TsunganiOutstanding person or greatest man.Unisex
TupaarnaqHerb or parsley which grows in jungle or forest.Girl
TuwaUniverse or world.Girl
TwilaDerived from Twyla (woven)Girl
TyanneMixture of Tyrus (strength rock) and Anne (God has favoured me).Girl
TyeshaBlooming and healthy.Girl
TyfanyDiminutive form of tiffany.Girl
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