252 Urdu Baby Girl Names With Meanings


In this post, you'll find a delightful collection of Urdu baby girl names, each with a captivating story and meaningful significance. From the timeless wisdom of Islamic names to the enchanting allure of nature-inspired appellations, each name celebrates the deep cultural heritage of Urdu and the heartfelt emotions it embodies.

The beauty and allure of the Urdu language have an irresistible appeal that transcends borders, captivating people all across South Asia and even beyond. As an Indo-Aryan language, Urdu holds immense cultural significance and linguistic charm, not only as Pakistan's national language and lingua franca (1) but also enjoying special recognition and status in the constitutions of India and Nepal (2). Often regarded as a Persianized version of Hindustani (3), Urdu's poetic and lyrical nature adds to its enchanting aura.

Steeped in history, the journey of Urdu's nomenclature is intriguing. The name Urdu was shortened from Zaban-i-Ordu, by the esteemed poet Ghulam Hamadani Mushafi in the late 18th century (3). Originally used interchangeably with Hindavi and Hindi, the language found its identity as Zaban-e-Urdu-e-Mualla, meaning ‘the language of the exalted camp,’ reflecting its association with the Mughal emperors' court.

The term Ordu, derived from Turkic languages, meaning ‘army,’ further weaves an enigmatic tale of how this exquisite language earned its appellation.

Urdu, with its eloquence and grace, has adorned names with a melodic charm, generating a plethora of baby girl names that carry profound meanings and cultural heritage. As you embark on this heartfelt journey of naming your precious daughter, allow this guide to be your companion. Explore the diverse array of names, each carefully curated to evoke emotions, inspire dreams, and embody love. May this compilation help you find the perfect name to resonate with your heart and grace your little girl's life with its timeless charm and significance.

heart image Aabida Baby Girl Sign Girl Worshiper; Devotee; Adorer
heart image Aabroo Baby Girl Sign Girl Prestige
heart image Aaseyah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who be apt to weak; The one who makes good console and comfort
heart image Aasia Baby Girl Sign Girl A person is very hopeful; It refers to the largest continent on the Earth
heart image Aasieyah Baby Girl Sign Girl This name gives you the capability of organizing, planning, and carrying work for great success
heart image Aasira Baby Girl Sign Girl A brave, strong, and powerful fighter who can conquer and imprison enemies
heart image Aayah Baby Girl Sign Girl Evidence; Signs; In Islam's principal scripture, this name is used to mean Verse
heart image Afsa Baby Girl Sign Girl Prophet Mohammed's wife.
heart image Aisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Alternate spelling of Aysa; Moonlike
heart image Aiza Baby Girl Sign Girl Respected; Having high place in the society
heart image Allami Baby Girl Sign Girl Wise; Intelligent; Intellectual
heart image Basira Baby Girl Sign Girl Wise; Intelligent; intellectual
heart image Basirah Baby Girl Sign Girl Vision; Sight, visualization
heart image Basm Baby Girl Sign Girl Grin; Smile
heart image Basma Baby Girl Sign Girl A beam or shaft of light
heart image Basmah Baby Girl Sign Girl A Smile
heart image Basmat Baby Girl Sign Girl A Smile
heart image Basoos Baby Girl Sign Girl She who was the daughter
heart image Bassima Baby Girl Sign Girl A Smile; Blissful; Pleasurable
heart image Baysan Baby Girl Sign Girl to walk with pride
heart image Beebee Baby Girl Sign Girl Wife; The settlement of bee
heart image Beena Baby Girl Sign Girl A musical instrument; A far-sighted human being
heart image Emmarie Baby Girl Sign Girl A faithful or truthful person
heart image Emmary Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who can be believed or who has faith; a faithful person
heart image Eness Baby Girl Sign Girl Queen of beauty
heart image Engy Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful queen
heart image Ersheen Baby Girl Sign Girl God's beauty
heart image Erum Baby Girl Sign Girl Heaven
heart image Esra Baby Girl Sign Girl Travel at night
heart image Faeezah Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is a leader of people
heart image Farwah Baby Girl Sign Girl A name of the companions
heart image Fauqiyah Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman of high grades
heart image Fawha Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is like a breath of perfume
heart image Fazeen Baby Girl Sign Girl Increasing; Something that gets bigger
heart image Feiyaz Baby Girl Sign Girl One who reached success
heart image Freshta Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Farsishta; An angel
heart image Fuada Baby Girl Sign Girl Mind; Argument
heart image Funoon Baby Girl Sign Girl Diversity; Variation
heart image Furozan Baby Girl Sign Girl One who has a glowing radiance
heart image Futun Baby Girl Sign Girl Charms; Attractions
heart image Gajal Baby Girl Sign Girl A poetry; A rhyming poetry
heart image Gathbiyya Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is nice looking and gorgeous
heart image Gathbiyyah Baby Girl Sign Girl A gorgeous or beautiful lady
heart image Gathibiyya Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful and gorgeous lady
heart image Gathibiyyah Baby Girl Sign Girl A pretty and gorgeous lady
heart image Ghamza Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl with nice gestures
heart image Gul Baby Girl Sign Girl Fresh flower of red rose
heart image Gulaab Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful rose flower
heart image Gulab Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful rose flower
heart image Gulalai Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Gulbadan Baby Girl Sign Girl A body that is beautiful and soft like roses
heart image Gulbahar Baby Girl Sign Girl Spring of rose flowers
heart image Guldeep Baby Girl Sign Girl A lamp with flowers
heart image Gulerana Baby Girl Sign Girl A rose flower with a very sweet smell
heart image Gull Baby Girl Sign Girl A fresh flower of red Rose
heart image Guriat Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Puppet
heart image Haseen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beautiful; Handsome; Smart
heart image Haujamat Baby Girl Sign Girl Red Rose
heart image Hawadah Baby Girl Sign Girl Pleasant; Enjoyable
heart image Hawazin Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of an Arabic tribe
heart image Hawiya Baby Girl Sign Girl Dominant; Governing
heart image Hayed Baby Girl Sign Girl Movement; Motion
heart image Hayud Baby Girl Sign Girl A mountain
heart image Hena Baby Girl Sign Girl Politeness; Someone who is polite; Gracious
heart image Humaida Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright red color
heart image Hushaima Baby Girl Sign Girl A modest woman
heart image Huzuz Baby Girl Sign Girl Women of great fortune
heart image Jahanara Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who lives and flowers
heart image Jibla Baby Girl Sign Girl Natural and unadulterated
heart image Johi Baby Girl Sign Girl Jasmine flower
heart image Jumaina Baby Girl Sign Girl Small
heart image Juman Baby Girl Sign Girl Pearl
heart image Kabeesha Baby Girl Sign Girl A poetess's name
heart image Kabshah Baby Girl Sign Girl She was a companion
heart image Kaneezah Baby Girl Sign Girl Firm, sturdy
heart image Kardawaiyah Baby Girl Sign Girl Lotus woman
heart image Kashfiya Baby Girl Sign Girl The feeling of enlightenment
heart image Kashida Baby Girl Sign Girl A hardworking woman
heart image Kashooda Baby Girl Sign Girl Pretty; Attractive
heart image Kashud Baby Girl Sign Girl Blossom
heart image Kasool Baby Girl Sign Girl Girl that was raised with tender care
heart image Kawakib Baby Girl Sign Girl Satellites
heart image Khasiba Baby Girl Sign Girl Fertile woman
heart image Khelna Baby Girl Sign Girl Dolls
heart image Khudamah Baby Girl Sign Girl She will serve
heart image Khudra Baby Girl Sign Girl Verdancy
heart image Khulaidah Baby Girl Sign Girl Everlasting
heart image Khulat Baby Girl Sign Girl A friend and a lover
heart image Khuld Baby Girl Sign Girl Eternal paradise
heart image Khurmi Baby Girl Sign Girl Leisure
heart image Khuwailah Baby Girl Sign Girl Young and little gazelle
heart image Kowaisah Baby Girl Sign Girl The name means The Pretty Woman
heart image Kuaybah Baby Girl Sign Girl A daughter of the Saad al-Asmaliyah who offered allegaence to Prophet PBUH
heart image Layina Baby Girl Sign Girl Tender; Supple; Resilient
heart image Liaqat Baby Girl Sign Girl A capable and fit person
heart image Liba Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is the most beautiful of them all
heart image Lubena Baby Girl Sign Girl A state of purity and innocence
heart image Ma Baby Girl Sign Girl The heights
heart image Mahabbah Baby Girl Sign Girl An affectionate and loving woman
heart image Maham Baby Girl Sign Girl The wife of the mughal ruler Zahir
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This collection of Urdu baby girl names offers a delightful journey into the rich cultural heritage and linguistic beauty of the Urdu language. Each name carries a meaningful significance, from the wisdom of Islamic names to nature-inspired appellations. Urdu's allure transcends borders, captivating hearts across South Asia and beyond. The language's historical nomenclature adds intrigue, reflecting its association with the Mughal court and the Turkic origins of its name. Embrace the eloquence and grace of Urdu as you explore these names, ensuring that the perfect name you choose will be a source of love, inspiration, and lasting significance.

Infographic: Beautiful Urdu Baby Girl Names

Unlock the beauty of Urdu baby names and their meanings in this infographic. Dive into each name's wealth of cultural heritage and linguistic beauty. Whether you prefer traditional or modern choices, this infographic list offers a treasure trove of options for parents seeking meaningful names for their beloved daughters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does giving a baby girl an Urdu name with a meaningful origin help her build a strong connection with her roots?

If you prefer an Urdu name or are a follower of related cultures and religions, a name with profound meaning may help shape your baby's identity, qualities, and personality. Moreover, an Urdu name with a significant origin may help the baby connect with her roots by serving as a reminder of her family's beliefs and values.

2. What are the cultural and social implications of giving a baby girl an Urdu name with a meaningful origin?

It is largely believed that a person's name influences their future, behavior, and personality. By selecting an Urdu name with a meaningful origin, parents maintain and pass on their traditional beliefs and instill a sense of purpose in their daughter's identity. It also adds to the multicultural tapestry of society by encouraging appreciation of diverse cultures and languages.

3. Are there any specific considerations to keep in mind when selecting an Urdu baby girl's name?

When choosing an Urdu baby girl name, it is vital to consider the name's cultural and religious importance by exploring its origins. Additionally, consider whether it has a meaningful background that aligns with the family's values and traditions.


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