252 Urdu Baby Girl Names With Meanings

MahliqaShe who has the face like a MoonGirl
MahneerahA first born twinGirl
MahwishOne who is pretty like the MoonGirl
ManahilA girl who is like a spring of fresh waterGirl
MaqboolaA person who is aknoledged and acceptedGirl
MaqbulaA preyer aknowledged and accepted by GodGirl
MarqoomaA well-defined person, someone who is good in writingGirl
MashmoolA girl that is sought afterGirl
MasoonA well protected girl who is alwats safeguardedGirl
MasrurahA delighted and pleased womanGirl
MawaraShe who is superiorGirl
MawhoobaA woman who has great talentsGirl
MawsoofaOne who is worthy of being describedGirl
MayameenA woman blessed with braveryGirl
MehrvashLike the sun.Girl
Midhahtribute or inspiration.Girl
Midhatthe formal expression of praise.Girl
MohaddisaBright, glittering and crystal shining one, giving shining brightnessGirl
MohsanaThe person bearing the nature and sweetness of Honey, particularly, honey beeGirl
NaazThe person is having self respect, A charming personGirl
NabawiaThe person who is foretelling the events via supernatural intervention.Girl
NabawiyaThe person who is farsighted the events through spiritual mediation.Girl
NafayThe one who is full of profitable income and turnover.Girl
NafiaA person who benefits othersGirl
NagheenA gem-stone, stone on the ringGirl
NahizaA raised person, at high rankGirl
NahleejahA cool-tempered person, down to earthGirl
NakhatPerfume or scent or bouquet or sweet smell.Girl
NashmiaA garden of flowersGirl
NatilaFamily member, system, sake, relative, path.Girl
NaushabaMedicine or solution or tonic.Girl
NawlaA gift or a grant, a presentGirl
NazThe pride or the delicacyGirl
NazaakatThe delicacy or the tendernessUnisex
NazafarinThe beautiful delicacy of a girlGirl
NazahThe purity of a personGirl
NazahaThe person who is on rightGirl
NazahahThe just or fair personGirl
NazamThe poetry defining a particular thingGirl
Nazaneena girl full or delicacyGirl
NazaninA charming lady with delicacyGirl
NazaninaOne who charm others with her delicacyGirl
NazerThe eyesight, a vision of an eyesightUnisex
NazgulA beautiful or a delicate flowerGirl
NazmA poem in context of a particular thing or personGirl
NazmaThe bright and shining star of the skyGirl
NazmiOut of the context of nazmGirl
NazmilLike a beautiful poemGirl
NazminThe delicate girl, a beautiful girlGirl
NazmiyaThe melodious poemGirl
NazneemAn exquisitely beautiful girlGirl
Nazneenthe most beautiful ladyGirl
NazninThe most charming ladyGirl
NazpariThe charming or beautiful as a fairyGirl
NazreenThe one who is watching of the spectatorsGirl
NazukA tender or a delicate personGirl
NazzThe delicacy, charm or the prideGirl
NirmeetEnergetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world.Girl
NirmeshHoneyed and sweet smelling.Girl
NirvikarBight and powerful nimble.Girl
NohreenOne who is glittering brightlyGirl
NoshabaEnergetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world.Girl
NosheenHoneyed and sweet smelling.Girl
NowaBight and powerful nimble.Girl
QabilaA woman who is smart and ableGirl
RauhahA happy and content individualGirl
RawhiyahA highly spiritual personGirl
RawzaA woman who is like the gardenGirl
RayannThe heaven's door that opens in the month of ramadhanGirl
RaytahA daughter of the small farmerGirl
RizqinOne who has good fortuneGirl
RoheenAn Iron-strong womanGirl
RozinahOne day's wageGirl
RudainahA very old Arabic name for a girlGirl
RufayahHadith's early studentGirl
RuhiyaA woman of great spirits, a spritual oneGirl
RuhmaA woman of kind and merciful natureGirl
RukhailahA name of the Sahabi who fought in the battle of Badr. Also means an eweGirl
RumaithahA name of SahabiyahGirl
RumehaA girl who is a beautful stoneGirl
RummanShe who is one of the people of the RummanaGirl
RummanaA plum purple colourGirl
SadeeqaA woman who is both a friend and a companionGirl
SadidaThe right thingGirl
SaghiraSmall, tender and slender womanGirl
SaghiraliA tender and slim womanGirl
SahabThe clouds in the skyGirl
SajilaA person who is determinedGirl
SajoonA loved womanGirl
SajuwaThe feeling of inner peaceGirl
SakeezaA nice smell, a fragranceGirl
SakhiyaA generous person with a liberal mindGirl
SameeahA percieving, hearing personGirl
SamrinaA woman who is sweet like a flower or a fruitGirl
SanauburTree that you can see everydayGirl
SaniyahPearl or Radiant or BrilliantGirl
ShabinaTo be in the eye of the stormGirl
ShadhiyahAn aromatic smellGirl
ShadmaniA feeling of joyGirl
ShafaqA virtuous woman on integrityGirl
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