252 Urdu Baby Girl Names With Meanings

ShaffanA woman cool as a morning breezeGirl
ShahadaShe who is a witessGirl
ShahamatA woman of great bravery and valourGirl
ShaherbanoSHe who is like a princessGirl
ShahnoorA woman with a royal glow around herGirl
ShahraOne who is giftGirl
ShaizenA beautiful or preety girlGirl
ShajeeaA bold and brave woman with no fearsGirl
ShameemahA breeze of fragrancesGirl
ShamoodahSHe is precious like a diamondGirl
ShamsiaShe is beautiful like a shinig starGirl
ShanumOne who is blessed by Allah. Also, a dignified womanGirl
ShanzaA woman who is diginiedGirl
ShariaA girl who is just like a PrincessGirl
SharleezA lady who is beaitifulGirl
ShazanaUrdu name meaning princessGirl
ShazfaA successful girlGirl
ShazmahRare like the MoonGirl
ShehrbanoA name for a princessGirl
ShezanA beautiful girlGirl
ShihaamAn intelligent girlGirl
ShimazA deeply beloved girlGirl
ShizaShe is a preset, a giftGirl
ShujanaA strong woman who has no fearGirl
ShumailaThe name means sooratGirl
ShuqraA woman of blonde hair and fair skinGirl
SiddraOne who is like a starGirl
SubayahA name of the narrator of HadithGirl
SubaytahA woman who is of brave natureGirl
SumamahA name of the plant milletGirl
SumlShe is an early distinguisherGirl
SummiyaShe is a woman of proper nameGirl
SunatA woman who has a way with things, one with good methodsGirl
SunbulaA corn's earGirl
TaaseesBeginning of something new, a foundationGirl
TabeedahEmotionally significant ideaGirl
TalbashahA narrator of HadithGirl
TanjiaShe who brings salvationGirl
TaqadusA faith or divinityGirl
TaraabUrdu name meaning joy and sorrowGirl
TarifaShe who is rare or uniqueGirl
TariqahOne who is always victoriousGirl
TasmeekhLiving in fragranceGirl
TasweebOne who speaks the truthGirl
TawfiqaOne who has good luckGirl
TazkiaA girl who is specianGirl
TazmeenOne with great habits and natureGirl
ThubaytahName of the daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-AnsariyahGirl
ThufailahA woman who has respect for the eldersGirl
TufaylahThe name of the unbound slave of Al-waleed bin Abdulla.Girl
TurfaRefers to unique or exclusive.Girl
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