120 Urhobo Baby Names With Meanings

Urhobos, the ethnic group of people residing in the Delta State of southern Nigeria, are particular about the names they choose for their babies. Just like most societies and ethnic groups, names are not just labels, but invoke religious and spiritual significance. The Urhobos believe that a child’s destiny is tied strongly to his or her name and they will live up to the meaning of the name they bear.

For instance, if the name means ‘thief’, the parents believe that the child will grow up to be a rogue and if the name means ‘wealthy’, then the child will hopefully grow up to be a rich individual. Some parents even give names that connote challenge to themselves or the other because they believe that Urhobo people flourish best when challenged.

Besides, Urhobo people also pick names that denote special events or date or emphasize a vital resource or importance of people.

Usually, grandparents or older relatives select names for the newborns. Apart from parents and grandparents, the Urhobo parents do not allow anyone else to touch their baby, until the age of three months. And unlike other ethnic groups of Africa, the Urhobos do not organize any special naming ceremony.

So if you are looking for a beautiful Urhobo baby boy or girl name, we’re happy to help. You’ll find a treasure trove of Urhobo names in our baby names tool. Take a look!

ErukainureWe have helped themUnisex
EseogheneGod's giftUnisex
EserovweGod's graceUnisex
EtaidaferuaWords of the wealthy are more acceptableBoy
EtanomareFreed from blame or despairBoy
EtaredafeWords of the wealthyBoy
IgberaharhaThe poor take the blameBoy
IghomuedafeMoney intoxicates the wealthyBoy
IghovavwerheThere is joy in richesBoy
IrikefeFirst to become wealthyBoy
MiriodereI now have a nameUnisex
MitaireI have achieved their matchUnisex
NoriogheneLook at God's judgmentUnisex
OboganriemuBe strong to surviveBoy
OdafeRich individualBoy
OdavwaroI am contentedUnisex
OgbamremuThe brave meets a lot of challengesBoy
OghenebrumeGod decided in my favorUnisex
OghenechovweGod aided meUnisex
OghenefejiroGod is praiseworthyUnisex
OghenegarenGod is greatUnisex
OghenekevweGod gave meUnisex
OghenemeMy GodUnisex
OghenemineI look up to GodUnisex
OghenerioborueGreat novel Triumph, prove superior of the contestBoy
OghenerukevweGod did this for meUnisex
OghenerunoGod has done so muchUnisex
OghenetegaGod is worship worthyUnisex
OghenochukoGod provides my supportUnisex
OghomenaHere is my respectUnisex
OghonoroRespect is greater than moneyUnisex
OhwahwaCold seasonBoy
OhwofasaA person's status should be defined by his achievementBoy
OhwonighoA person is greater than richesBoy
OjakorotuThis is a group challengeBoy
OjanomareI have met the challengeUnisex
OkagbareI have all styles and skillsBoy
OkparaOne who is born in OkparaBoy
OkpogoroA big toadBoy
OmetekoGirl born in LagosGirl
OmonighoChild is greater than moneyUnisex
OmonoroChild is greater than goldUnisex
OmotejohwoA girl is also a human beingGirl
OmotekoroA girl is like goldGirl
OmotoreGirl's birth brings festivityGirl
OmotugheleGirl from UghelliGirl
OmotukaneGirl born in diasporaGirl
OnajiteThis is sufficientUnisex
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