641 Welsh Baby Names With Meanings

Selecting an ideal baby name is no cake walk. You must pick a name that doesn’t just sound rhythmic and beautiful, but also stands the test of time, like Welsh baby names.

With the red dragon on the national flag and majestic castles on the coastline, Wales has attracted a newfound interest in the recent years, thanks to its baby names. A small country in the UK and the homeland of Arthurian legends, Welsh baby names originate in the Celtic language, which has evolved to a great extent over the centuries. The mother tongue of Wales may sound a bit harsh and disjointed to the ears, but the names are poetic and roll down the tongue smoothly.

In the ancient times, Welsh people followed a patronymic naming system. Patronymics is the process of giving the child his father’s given or forename as the first name. Hence, the family name changed in the successive generations. At the turn of 15th century, the Welsh families began adopting permanent surnames, and the patronymic naming pattern ended. But the range of Welsh surnames is quite small, primarily due to the reduction in baptismal names after the Protestants Reformation. Below is MomJunction's complete list of Welsh baby names with meanings for both boys and girls. Have a look!

AberforthIn Gaelic, this name means "˜from the river'Boy
AddienA pleasant or a beautiful girlGirl
AelwenA fair eyebrows, not blackGirl
AelwinOne with the blessed eyebrowGirl
AeronaThe end of battleGirl
AeronwenThe winner or victor of a battleBoy
AeronwyThe battle winnerBoy
AerowynThe victorious person from the battleBoy
AfonA river, or a stream or waterUnisex
AledWelsh - A Child, Offspring; A Variant name for Girls is AledwenBoy
AlunA stony, fair and handsome being who is in sync with harmony, nobility and peaceBoy
AlwynTeutonic: Loved by All; German: Friend; English: Noble,Wise Friend; A derivative of name AlwinBoy
AmandeepLamp of peace; an urge to find freedom and to enjoy life to the fullest they have a restless heartGirl
AmeliaThe one who is industrious, hard working and fertileGirl
AndrasOld Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name AndreaBoy
AneurinCeltic - High Minded; A variation of name is AneirinBoy
AngharadA beautiful and lovely human being who are passionate and intuitiveGirl
AnyonCeltic - AnvilBoy
ArdentThe ArdentBoy
AriandaThe one who is holy and sereneGirl
ArthyenCornish form of the Welsh name Arthen. It means bear born.Boy
ArvelWelsh - Wept Over; Arval is a variant of name ArvelBoy
ArwenNoble maiden; a holy and blessed individualGirl
AurynA powerful person; golden haired individualUnisex
AvaA bird; a living organism of the ecosystemGirl
AwdrieEverlasting inspirationBoy
AwenA muse; interesting personGirl
BainesThe son of EinwsBoy
BarwynA white moundBoy
BerwynWelsh - White Mound; Friend of the harvest; A variant of name BerwinBoy
BethanConsecrated To GodGirl
BetrysFrom BeatriceGirl
BevanSon Of Evan; Beavan and Beaven are variant names of BevanBoy
BeynonSon of EynonBoy
BleuzenThe Bretons form of the Welsh Blodwen, meaning white flowersGirl
BlevineA child who is like a wolf cubUnisex
Boudicait is the name of a queen of the iceni tribe of the british empire.girl
Bowenson of "Owen"Boy
BranA raven; a black bird that resembles a crowBoy
BranwenA raven bird that is beautifulgirl
BreckynHaving a freckled or spotted facegirl
BreunorA brown manBoy
BriallenA woman like a primrose flowerGirl
BrinOne who is from the hillGirl
BronwenA white breasted womanGirl
BronwynA woman fith fair, white breastGirl
BrynleeOne who came from the hillBoy
BrynmorOne who comes from the great hillBoy
BrynnA man from the hillBoy
BrynnaA woman from the hillGirl
BrynneHe is from the hillBoy
BrynnerA man who lives in the hillBoy
BrynnleeOne who comes from the land of the hillsBoy
BrynnleyOne from the hil landsBoy
CadanA variant of Cadell and Kaden. It means battle or companion.Boy
CadeTo fight in a small battleBoy
CadelA great battleBoy
CadellOne with the battle spiritBoy
CadfaelThe prince of the battleBoy
CadfanThe peak of the battleBoy
CadiA woman who is pureGirl
CadieShe who is pureGirl
CadmaelThe chieftain of the warBoy
CadmonA warrior, soldier in the battleBoy
CadocHe who fights the battlesBoy
CadogTo be in the battleBoy
CadoganTo find honor in the battleBoy
CadwalThe battle leader, commanderBoy
CadwaladerHe will lead us into the battleBoy
CadwaladrA battle leader, used as a surnameBoy
CadwalladerHe who leads to battleBoy
CadwganThe glorious one in the battleBoy
CadwgonTo have glory in the battleBoy
CadwynOne who is chainedBoy
CaioHe who brings joyBoy
CameaHis nose is crookedBoy
CarafA feeling of loveGirl
CarantocA man of many virtuesBoy
CarantorivsHe has many virtuesBoy
CariadA darling and beloved personUnisex
CaronOne who loves to loveBoy
CaronieHe knows to loveBoy
CarounHe is born to loveBoy
CaruA lovely personUnisex
CarwynA blessed loveBoy
CarysA pure loveBoy
CassA curly haired personBoy
CassadeeA woman with curly hairGirl
CassadyA curly haired girlGirl
CatreenaShe is a pure one among womenGirl
CeinwenA precious gem; a fair, blessed oneGirl
CeiridwenA fair womanGirl
CeiriogA happy-go-lucky, friendly and name of a riverBoy
CeiroThe loved oneBoy
CeltA musical and exotic nameUnisex
CelticAn exotic name for a musicalUnisex
CeolwaldName of a King; they are belovedBoy
CerdaAwesome hairBoy
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