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360 Welsh Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Dei One who is a gift of God Boy
Delwin Friend of the valley Boy
Deverell From the river bank. Boy
Dilan One who is near the sea; healthy Boy
Dillan A loyal person; one who has calmness and patience Boy
Dinas A fort in a small city; tall Boy
Dodd It is used to denote a lumpish person Unisex
Drystan Full of Sorrow Boy
Dryw Wise; one who understands and learns fast Boy
Duane A beautiful song; black haired Boy
Dyddgu A gentle and mild individual Boy
Dylann The vast sea; humble and nice Boy
Dylon One who is a loyal Lion Boy
Ecgwynn Blessed and fair being; self assertive person Unisex
Edern The legendary son of Nudd Boy
Ednowain A well born person (brought up) Boy
Ednyfed Name of a warrior Boy
Eilwyn An old friend with a white brow Boy
Einion Anvil; they are very generous Boy
Elgan One who is high minded and full of compassion Boy
Elian A passionate and loving human being Unisex
Eliot An old Welshman Boy
Elwy this nam means gain or benefit. Boy
Elwyn this name means a wise old friend. Boy
Elwynn this name means a wise friend or magical fair white being Boy
Emlen someone who is eager or industrious. Boy
Emlyn one who is eager for excellence or highly industrious. Boy
Emrys immortal. Boy
Emyr a worthy ruler. Boy
Eneas it means praise. Boy
Erbin legendary son of Cushtenhin. Boy
Erchambaut a British word meaning loved by all. Boy
Euddogwy a famous saint pilgrim of ancient times. Boy
Eudeat used to refer to a very ancient saint pilgrim. Boy
Eudel from the yew tree valley. Boy
Eudelme a grove of yew trees. Boy
Eutigirn a Welsh name meaning fond of his king. Boy
Evan god has been gracious or stone or right hander or youth. Boy
Evans god is good. Boy
Everwyn He who is a friend of the sea Boy
Ffion A welsh name meaning Foxglove Boy
Gaerwn The fortress which reflects in white color. Boy
Ganora A swelling white wave Boy
Gareth Uncertain Unisex
Garmon Overcomer or winner. Boy
Garrath Welsh meaning is kind person, In German it means the one who can handle the spear strongly. Boy
Gavin A little white falcon Unisex
Gavyn White falcon Unisex
Gawain Fair enemy in the battle field. Boy
Gawin Resembles as a falcon which is white in color. Boy
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