51 Welsh Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter C

CharlieOne having full rightsUnisex
CadanA variant of Cadell and Kaden. It means battle or companion.Boy
CadeTo fight in a small battleBoy
CadelA great battleBoy
CadellOne with the battle spiritBoy
CadfaelThe prince of the battleBoy
CadfanThe peak of the battleBoy
CadmaelThe chieftain of the warBoy
CadmonA warrior, soldier in the battleBoy
CadocHe who fights the battlesBoy
CadogTo be in the battleBoy
CadoganTo find honor in the battleBoy
CadwalThe battle leader, commanderBoy
CadwaladerHe will lead us into the battleBoy
CadwaladrA battle leader, used as a surnameBoy
CadwalladerHe who leads to battleBoy
CadwganThe glorious one in the battleBoy
CadwgonTo have glory in the battleBoy
CadwynOne who is chainedBoy
CaioHe who brings joyBoy
CameaHis nose is crookedBoy
CarantocA man of many virtuesBoy
CarantorivsHe has many virtuesBoy
CariadA darling and beloved personUnisex
CaronOne who loves to loveBoy
CaronieHe knows to loveBoy
CarounHe is born to loveBoy
CaruA lovely personUnisex
CarwynA blessed loveBoy
CarysA pure loveBoy
CassA curly haired personBoy
CeiriogA happy-go-lucky, friendly and name of a riverBoy
CeiroThe loved oneBoy
CeltA musical and exotic nameUnisex
CelticAn exotic name for a musicalUnisex
CeolwaldName of a King; they are belovedBoy
CerdaAwesome hairBoy
CeredigThe one who cherishesBoy
CereticThe one who cherishesBoy
CinonHead; chief; leader; kingBoy
ColwynA river situated in the country of WalesBoy
CrwysAnother name of Cross; crucifixUnisex
CubertLegendary son of Daere.Boy
CurnowA variant of Curnow meaning from Cornwall.Boy
CynanA noble ChiefBoy
CyndafAn independent personBoy
CyndeyrnA well- renowned LordBoy
CynfaelChief princeBoy
CynfarchA Chief HorseBoy
CynfranThe Chief CrowBoy
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