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51 Welsh Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter C

Charlie One having full rights Unisex
Cadan A variant of Cadell and Kaden. It means battle or companion. Boy
Cade To fight in a small battle Boy
Cadel A great battle Boy
Cadell One with the battle spirit Boy
Cadfael The prince of the battle Boy
Cadfan The peak of the battle Boy
Cadmael The chieftain of the war Boy
Cadmon A warrior, soldier in the battle Boy
Cadoc He who fights the battles Boy
Cadog To be in the battle Boy
Cadogan To find honor in the battle Boy
Cadwal The battle leader, commander Boy
Cadwalader He will lead us into the battle Boy
Cadwaladr A battle leader, used as a surname Boy
Cadwallader He who leads to battle Boy
Cadwgan The glorious one in the battle Boy
Cadwgon To have glory in the battle Boy
Cadwyn One who is chained Boy
Caio He who brings joy Boy
Camea His nose is crooked Boy
Carantoc A man of many virtues Boy
Carantorivs He has many virtues Boy
Cariad A darling and beloved person Unisex
Caron One who loves to love Boy
Caronie He knows to love Boy
Caroun He is born to love Boy
Caru A lovely person Unisex
Carwyn A blessed love Boy
Carys A pure love Boy
Cass A curly haired person Boy
Ceiriog A happy-go-lucky, friendly and name of a river Boy
Ceiro The loved one Boy
Celt A musical and exotic name Unisex
Celtic An exotic name for a musical Unisex
Ceolwald Name of a King; they are beloved Boy
Cerda Awesome hair Boy
Ceredig The one who cherishes Boy
Ceretic The one who cherishes Boy
Cinon Head; chief; leader; king Boy
Colwyn A river situated in the country of Wales Boy
Crwys Another name of Cross; crucifix Unisex
Cubert Legendary son of Daere. Boy
Curnow A variant of Curnow meaning from Cornwall. Boy
Cynan A noble Chief Boy
Cyndaf An independent person Boy
Cyndeyrn A well- renowned Lord Boy
Cynfael Chief prince Boy
Cynfarch A Chief Horse Boy
Cynfran The Chief Crow Boy
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