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20 Welsh Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter D

Daafi One who prevents Boy
Daavid A beloved friend Boy
Dafydd A beloved boy Boy
Dai A shining individual Boy
Dalldav A legendary son Boy
Davy A cherished and precious individual Boy
Davyn The dear one Boy
Dei One who is a gift of God Boy
Delwin Friend of the valley Boy
Deverell From the river bank. Boy
Dilan One who is near the sea; healthy Boy
Dillan A loyal person; one who has calmness and patience Boy
Dinas A fort in a small city; tall Boy
Dodd It is used to denote a lumpish person Unisex
Drystan Full of Sorrow Boy
Dryw Wise; one who understands and learns fast Boy
Duane A beautiful song; black haired Boy
Dyddgu A gentle and mild individual Boy
Dylann The vast sea; humble and nice Boy
Dylon One who is a loyal Lion Boy
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