34 Welsh Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter M

MacsenThe greatest oneBoy
MadernOne who is lucky and fortunateBoy
MadogWelsh - Fortunate; Good; Beneficent; Son of Madoc; A variant of MaddoxBoy
MaelCeltic - Disciple; Chief, PrinceBoy
MaelgwnA protector of battleBoy
MainHe who is slender and thinBoy
ManawydWelsh word for shoe marker's awlBoy
MareduddThe great lordBoy
MarlaisWelsh name for blue colorBoy
MarmadukeCeltic - Follower of Maedoc; Welsh - Fortunate; Good;Boy
MarvenA sea friendBoy
MarvynOne who lives in the sea fortessBoy
MedrautAn uncertain person, an unshure manBoy
MeilyrThe highest authority person in the country, the one who is going to rule the country after the KingBoy
MeredithThe one who protects the Ocean.Boy
MerefinWho belongs from the Mervin, or the sea fortressBoy
MerehwitAn Anglo-Saxon bishop of WellsBoy
MeridithThe caretaker of the deep ocean.Boy
MerrickThe state or quality of being widely honored.Boy
MerrionThe person is from Merion, Wales.Boy
MerthyrA martyr, one who sacrifices his,her lifeUnisex
MervanThe person who is very closer to the OceanBoy
MervynThe oceanic mountain.Boy
MerwinThe one who likes the water of the sea.Boy
Mihangelwho is like the creator of the worldBoy
MorcanOne who resides around the seaBoy
MorcarWelsh - Dwells Near the SeaBoy
MorfarchA sea-horse or a walrusBoy
MorfranWelsh - Great Crow; Celtic - Mythical Ugly DemonBoy
MorganOne who hails from the sea or around the seaBoy
MorgannA person who lives near the seaUnisex
MorgenOne who circles around the sea to defends itUnisex
MorgianOne who takes care of the bright seaUnisex
MyrlVariation of Merle which means Blackbird or Of the SeaUnisex
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