34 Welsh Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter T

TheoTheo is the short form for Theodore and means god given,Boy
TaffrynHe who comes from a very tall hillBoy
TalfrynHigh hillBoy
TaliesinMeans shining brow; Name of the 6th century poet and bard which later on portrayed as a companion of king arthurBoy
TallwchName from legendsBoy
TarantOld Welsh name meaning thunderBoy
TarianOne who carries a shieldBoy
TarrantWelsh name meaning thunderBoy
TarrenHe who is from the rigdeBoy
TasciovanusName of a historical kingBoy
TchadOne who is a defender and a protectorBoy
TeaganLittle poet or FairUnisex
TeiloA man who is saintBoy
TeyrnOne who is obsoleteBoy
TomosOne of the twin BoyBoy
TorthredThe red haired baker or tartBoy
TrahaearnSomething very much like ironBoy
TrahernAs strong as the iron, incredibly strongBoy
TramaineA person who is from a large townBoy
TrayvonA small or little person as strong as ironBoy
TreforA large village with good personBoy
TremainOne who is from a big townBoy
TremarliOne who is from a big town near the woodsBoy
TrenteA swift person, one who dwells near the swift streamBoy
TrevA large village or a goodly townBoy
TrevianOne who is from the town of good peopleBoy
TrevorFrom the large villageUnisex
TrevynOne who is from the fair townBoy
TristramTo make noise or to clatterBoy
TryntSpeed running water in a lake.Boy
TryverLarge; name for a settlement; a large villageBoy
TudorSpiritual gift or divine talent.Boy
TudwalThe monarch who rules the nation.Boy
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