36 Welsh Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M

MiaThe person who is dearly to everyone.Girl
MabliOne who is admired and lovedGirl
MabynYoung and youthful girlGirl
MadronaMother GoddessGirl
MadrunAn early saintGirl
MaeganA pearl, one who has perlsGirl
MaegenForm of the name Meg meaning pearlGirl
MaerwynnOne who illuminates; Joy; Brings delightGirl
MaigenA woman who is pure like a pearlGirl
MaighdlinShe who resembles a pearlGirl
MairOne who is bitterGirl
MairwenWelsh name meaning blessedGirl
MakenziDaughter of a wise ruler who is born in fireGirl
MakenzieA person born from fireGirl
MaliWelsh word describing something bitterGirl
MargedWelsh girl name for pearlGirl
MayganA woman who is like the pearlGirl
MediWelsh - SeptemberGirl
MeeghanA perl-like beauty of the womanGirl
MegganA woman who looks as pretty as the pearlGirl
MeinirAn un-married girl, a Virgin, a single girl living aloneGirl
MeinwenMeinwen means being of dedicate, fairer complexion in the physical apperanceGirl
MelangellThe pretty messenger, sweet and dearest Angel.Girl
MennaThe strength, a strong personGirl
MerlinThe Castle that is in the middle of the ocean.Girl
MeroudaThe name is derived from elements mor, which means sea, or great and budd, which means benefit, or profit.Girl
MerthyrA martyr, one who sacrifices his,her lifeUnisex
MirainA beautiful girl, someone who is calm or brings calmnessGirl
MorgaineA radiant of dazzling seaGirl
MorganaA Girl hails from the seaGirl
MorganeA girl dwells from the sea-areaGirl
MorgannA person who lives near the seaUnisex
Morgaynewho lives near the seaGirl
MorgenOne who circles around the sea to defends itUnisex
MorgianOne who takes care of the bright seaUnisex
MyrlVariation of Merle which means Blackbird or Of the SeaUnisex
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