641 Welsh Baby Names With Meanings

Selecting an ideal baby name is no cake walk. You must pick a name that doesn’t just sound rhythmic and beautiful, but also stands the test of time, like Welsh baby names.

With the red dragon on the national flag and majestic castles on the coastline, Wales has attracted a newfound interest in the recent years, thanks to its baby names. A small country in the UK and the homeland of Arthurian legends, Welsh baby names originate in the Celtic language, which has evolved to a great extent over the centuries. The mother tongue of Wales may sound a bit harsh and disjointed to the ears, but the names are poetic and roll down the tongue smoothly.

In the ancient times, Welsh people followed a patronymic naming system. Patronymics is the process of giving the child his father’s given or forename as the first name. Hence, the family name changed in the successive generations. At the turn of 15th century, the Welsh families began adopting permanent surnames, and the patronymic naming pattern ended. But the range of Welsh surnames is quite small, primarily due to the reduction in baptismal names after the Protestants Reformation. Below is MomJunction's complete list of Welsh baby names with meanings for both boys and girls. Have a look!

CeredigThe one who cherishesBoy
CeredwynGoddess of poetry; the fair oneGirl
CereticThe one who cherishesBoy
CeriThe one who lovesGirl
CeridwenGoddess of poetry; the fair oneGirl
CerieIt's a made up name; delicate bird's whistleGirl
CerisCharity; the beloved oneGirl
CerysA lovely individualGirl
CharlieOne having full rightsUnisex
CherylCherry fruitGirl
CheryleA Cherry fruitGirl
CinonHead; chief; leader; kingBoy
ColwynA river situated in the country of WalesBoy
CrwysAnother name of Cross; crucifixUnisex
CrystinThe one who follows ChristGirl
CubertLegendary son of Daere.Boy
CurnowA variant of Curnow meaning from Cornwall.Boy
CynanA noble ChiefBoy
CyndafAn independent personBoy
CyndeyrnA well- renowned LordBoy
CynfaelChief princeBoy
CynfarchA Chief HorseBoy
CynfranThe Chief CrowBoy
CynwalDefencive; to protectBoy
DaafiOne who preventsBoy
DaavidA beloved friendBoy
DafyddA beloved boyBoy
DaiA shining individualBoy
DalldavA legendary sonBoy
DavyA cherished and precious individualBoy
DavynThe dear oneBoy
DeiOne who is a gift of GodBoy
DeliaAn island where Goddess are bronGirl
DelwinFriend of the valleyBoy
DelythA neat, efficient and pretty beingGirl
DeverellFrom the river bank.Boy
DilA reliable and faithful human beingGirl
DilanOne who is near the sea; healthyBoy
DillanA loyal person; one who has calmness and patienceBoy
DillynA sea; one with the godnessGirl
DilwynA genuine and fair oneGirl
DilysA genuine and perfect individualGirl
DinasA fort in a small city; tallBoy
DoddIt is used to denote a lumpish personUnisex
DrystanFull of SorrowBoy
DrywWise; one who understands and learns fastBoy
DuaneA beautiful song; black hairedBoy
DwynwenA white wave of peaceGirl
DyddguA gentle and mild individualBoy
DylannThe vast sea; humble and niceBoy
DylisA true person who is also very reliableGirl
DyllisA perfect and reliable personGirl
DylonOne who is a loyal LionBoy
EbrillA person who is born in april; has deep desire to travelGirl
EcgwynnBlessed and fair being; self assertive personUnisex
EdernThe legendary son of NuddBoy
EdnowainA well born person (brought up)Boy
EdnyfedName of a warriorBoy
EfaThe story of life; they are efficientGirl
EilirButterfly; one who is spontaneous and alluringGirl
EilonwyA very beautiful princessGirl
EilunedA perfect image or an idolGirl
EilwynAn old friend with a white browBoy
EinionAnvil; they are very generousBoy
EiraOne who has the purity and simplicity of snowGirl
EirianSilver; a bright and beautiful beingGirl
EirlysA unique and beautiful snow dropGirl
EirwenOne who is snow white and is blessedGirl
EirwynThe one who is white as snowGirl
EiryFair person who is bright as snowGirl
ElainThe one who has a peculiar caseGirl
ElenOne who has done constructionsGirl
EleriA chief; very important personGirl
ElganOne who is high minded and full of compassionBoy
ElianA passionate and loving human beingUnisex
EliotAn old WelshmanBoy
EllaOne who is a beautiful fairy; one who enjoys lifeGirl
ElliwName of a color; over sensitive natureGirl
Elunedthe meaning of this name is idol, image or saint.Girl
Elwythis nam means gain or benefit.Boy
Elwynthis name means a wise old friend.Boy
Elwynnthis name means a wise friend or magical fair white beingBoy
Emilya name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious person.Girl
Emlensomeone who is eager or industrious.Boy
Emlynone who is eager for excellence or highly industrious.Boy
Emmthe whole or universe is signified by this nameGirl
Emyra worthy ruler.Boy
Eneasit means praise.Boy
Enedinasoul or life.Girl
Enitfair or woodlark.Girl
Enydspirit or soul or life.Girl
Erbinlegendary son of Cushtenhin.Boy
Erchambauta British word meaning loved by all.Boy
ErianaWelsh word for silver.Girl
Eriannasilver in Welsh language.Girl
Eryla place where people look for knowledge.Girl
Eseldbeautiful or one who rules over the ice.Girl
Euddogwya famous saint pilgrim of ancient times.Boy
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