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Origin, Meaning, and History of Xander

The name Xander is of Dutch origin and is a variation of Alexander, derived from the Greek name “Alexandros,” which translates to “defender of the people.” When choosing a name for their boy, parents often want to convey their son’s potential for success and leadership. This name has a strong, confident tone, making it a common choice.

The origin of the name Xander can be traced to ancient Greece. Alexander the Great was a common name among ancient Greek monarchs and warriors. He ruled ancient Macedonia for 13 years and altered the course of history.

Alexander established a massive empire that extended from Macedonia to Egypt and Greece to a portion of India. He was a legendary military general regarded as one of the greatest fighters in civilized history.

The phonetic spelling of Xander is Xan-der. A traditional masculine name, Xander, has several variations in different languages, like Alakesander in Latin, Aleksandre in German, Aleksandar in Croatian and Bulgarian, Aleksandr in Ukrainian, and Alexandre in French.

The name “Xander,” with its two-syllable structure and bold consonant sounds, has been a popular choice for various fictional and entertainment personalities. Perhaps most well-known is Xander Harris from the hit TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” a Scooby Gang member and one of Buffy’s closest friends. Another notable character is Xander Cage, also known as Triple X, from the “xXx” film franchise, whose daring stunts and thrill-seeking attitude have made him a fan favorite.

Xander Bly, from “Power Rangers Mystic Force,” is another popular character with the name, known for his magical powers and noble heart. And in the video game Fire Emblem Fates, Xander Khoury is a skilled warrior and prince with a complex backstory. With so many dynamic and diverse Xanders in popular media, it’s no wonder the name remains significant.


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How To Pronounce Xander?


Famous People With The Name Xander

  • Xander MobusAmerican voice actor
  • Xander SchauffeleAmerican professional golfer
  • Xander ArmstrongBritish actor, comedian, and presenter
  • Xander BennettScreenwriter and author from Australia and former Hollywood script reader
  • Xander LeeSouth Korean singer, actor, and host
  • Xander RawlinsA multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and record producer
  • Xander HoutcoopProfessional Dutch footballer

Xander On The Popularity Chart

Xander is a unique given name that has gained popularity over the years. The popularity of the name Xander has progressively climbed during the last few decades. Take a look at this graph by the Social Security Administration to understand its popularity.

Popularity Over Time

Although it was uncommon in the 20th century, the name Xander has gained popularity recently, with an average of 2000 babies named Xander born per million, peaking in popularity around 2015.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The name Xander is timeless, ranks high on the graph, and is gradually becoming more popular. Learn how its rating has changed over time.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Xander

There are many famous variations of the name Xander that are perfect for your little one. Here are a few similar-sounding options.

Names With Similar Meaning As Xander

Do you wish to explore more names with similar meanings as Xander? Then, take a look at these unique and strong names for your baby.

Name Numerology For Xander

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