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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Xiomara

Xiomara is of Spanish or German origin. It is derived from the German word Wigmarthe, and it is the feminine version of Guiomar, which means “ready for battle” or “famous in battle.” It is believed that the Visigoths (early Germanic people) introduced Wigmar to Spain and Portugal when they took over the Iberian Peninsula after the sacking of Rome.

The name could also mean glorious, joyful, clean, or the prettiest star in the universe. Its variation, Xiamara, means magnificent forest or a joyous deer. It could also be of Guanche origin (an extinct language spoken by the Guanches of the Canary Islands). It could thus be a derivative of Guacimara, which denotes a strong woman warrior or a woman in a powerful position.

Xiomara is unique because it is one of the few names that start with the letter X. Xiomara was famous in Spain and Latin America. However, it came into the spotlight when a contestant named Xiomara participated in America’s Next Top Model. The name grew steadily in popularity in the next few years because of its uniqueness.

Many parents select this name to celebrate their heritage and culture. Naming a child, Xiomara will remind her of her ancestry whenever someone takes her name.

With rapid globalization, there is a strong chance that the name Xiomara will also be prevalent in Africa and Europe. As such, Xiomara is a name that will make your daughter stand out in a crowd and attract attention. In addition, you can use a variety of nicknames for Xiomara, such as Xi, Xio, Zio, and Mara.

Though the name Xiomara is rare, it still exists in pop culture. Xiomara Villanueva is Jane’s mother in American telenovela ‘Jane the Virgin.’ The protagonist of The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo is also called Xiomara. It is a coming-of-age story about an Afro-Latina teenager who learns to be comfortable in her skin and with her thoughts.


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Variation of Xiamara which means Joyful deer
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How To Pronounce Xiomara?


Famous People With The Name Xiomara

  • Xiomara AlfaroA popular Cuban singer known as the “Nightingale of Music”
  • Xiomara BlandinoNicaraguan architecture student, model, and a Miss Universe 2007 semifinalist
  • Xiomara CastroThe 56th President of the Republic of Honduras and the first female to hold this position
  • Xiomara LariosNicaraguan sprinter who completed the women’s 400-meter sprint in the 1980 Summer Olympics
  • Xiomara ReyesCuban ballet dancer and a member of the American Ballet Theatre
  • Xiomara RiveroCuban track and field athlete who participated in the javelin throw

Xiomara On The Popularity Chart

Xiomara is an unusual, uncontemporary, yet a cool name. These graphs show how popular Xiomara is.

Popularity Over Time

In the years up to 2005, only a few parents named their daughter Xiomara. However, after 2005, there was a dramatic increase in the popularity of this name. Check out the graph to find more information on the name’s popularity.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Just like its popularity, the rank of the name Xiomara has seen many fluctuations. This graph shows the ebbs and tides in the ranking of the name.

Source: Social Security Administration

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