57 Yiddish Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AberYiddish form of Abraham which means Father of a might nation.Boy
AberlinYiddish form of Abraham which means Father of a multitudes.Boy
AbrashaYiddish form of Abraham, meaning Father of a multitudes.Boy
AhronYiddish form of Aaron, meaning mountain.Boy
AizikYiddish form of Yitzchak, meaning he will laugh.Boy
AncelFortunate, blessed, happyBoy
AnschilYiddish form of Asher, meaning fortunate, blessed, and happy.Boy
AnshelYiddish form of Asher, meaning fortunate, blessed, and happy.Boy
AreleYiddish form of Aaron, meaning mountain.Boy
ArkeThe light-bringer.Boy
AverAver is the short form of Abraham and means father of multitude.Boy
AvromA form of Abraham, meaning father of a multitude.Boy
BreineOne who is blessed.Boy
ChatzkelGod strengthens.Boy
DovidYiddish form of David, meaning beloved.Boy
DudelOne who is beloved, favorite or darling.Boy
ElyeA form of Elijah, meaning height or ascension.Boy
FaivishSomeone with a bright and radiant personality.Boy
FayvelBright and radiant.Boy
FroimA form of Ephraim, meaning fruitful.Boy
GelThe yellow colorBoy
HershDeer, Hart; A deer; A variant of HerschBoy
HershelDeer, Hart; A deer; A variant of HerschBoy
HerszLord of the manor or house owner.Boy
HeschelYiddish word for deer.Boy
HirschDeer, Hart; A deer; A variant of HerschBoy
HirshDeer, Hart; A deer; A variant of HerschBoy
IssurYiddish nickname for IsraelBoy
IzikA form of Isaac, meaning he laughs, laughter.Boy
JosefHebrew - Yahweh will add; God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of JosephBoy
LantzYiddish form of Lancer. It means spear.Boy
MalgrimOne with individuality and independenceBoy
MenahemOne who consoles or provide comfort, name given to a child born after the death of older sibling.Boy
MendeleyComforter, full of comfort.Boy
MoisheClearance on unfruitful land, Defrayal on barren land.Boy
NerCandle or lightBoy
RayselThe flower rose.Boy
SchmuelGod has heard.Boy
ShelomohA form of Solomon, meaning peace.Boy
TeiveYahweh is good.Boy
YankelYahweh may protect.Boy
YehoshuaYahweh is salvation.Boy
YitzhakA form of Isaac. It means he laughs or laughter.Boy
YochananYahweh is merciful.Boy
ZalmanA variant of Solomon, meaning peace.Boy
ZeideYiddish word for grandfather.Boy
ZeligA happy and cheerful man.Boy
ZemelYiddish word for bread.Boy
ZindelDefender of man.Boy
ZonYiddish - Little Son; A contraction of the Yiddish name ZondalBoy
ZondalLittle sonBoy
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