137 Yoruba Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AjayiBorn face-downUnisex
AlakeAfrican - One To Be HonoredBoy
AparaMatchless; Unique; One who is exclusive and has no equivalentBoy
IgeBorn feet firstUnisex
OlayinkaWealth surrounds meUnisex
AbayomrunkojeGod won't allow humiliation.Boy
AbegundeOne born during the holiday.Boy
AbeoThe bringer of happiness .Boy
AbiadeOne who is born of royal parents.Boy
AbidugunOne born before the war.Boy
AbiodunOne born at the time of festival.Boy
Abiola(African - Yoruban) Born in Honor; Born during the first daysBoy
AbioyeThe son of royalty; A Variant of AbiolaBoy
AdebamgbeA Nigerian term meaning royalty dwells within me.Boy
AdebiyiThe royal one.Boy
AdedayoThe crown has turned to joy.Boy
AdemolaCrown is Added to My WealthBoy
AdeniyiThe value or honour of a crownBoy
AdeperoThe crown has bring peaceBoy
AdesanyaMy pains have been compensated with the arrival of this child.Boy
AdesholaOne who is crowned to bring wealthBoy
AdesolaA child crowned with wealth.Boy
AdetayoCrown has brought us great joy.Boy
AdetokunboA Nigerian name of Yoruba decent. Ade means 'crownBoy
AdetolaThe crown can be measured to wealth.Boy
AdetopeThe crown is worthy of praise.Boy
AdetosoyeThe crown is entitled to the throne.Boy
AdisaClear Spoken Person - AfricanBoy
AkinYoruban - Brave, Heroic ; Hebrew - ManBoy
AyindeYoruba - We gave praise and he came;Boy
AyodeleYoruba - Joy has returned ; A variant of name AyotundeBoy
AyomideYoruba - Joy has returned ; A variant of name AyotundeUnisex
AyotomiwaWealth has returned.Boy
AyotundeYoruba - Joy has returned; A variant of name AyomideUnisex
BabasolafFather's wealth has arrived.Boy
BabatunjiThe father returns again.Boy
BanjokoDon't ever leave me.Boy
BankoleBuild a home for me.Boy
BayodeHe who brings joy with himself.Boy
BayowaHe has come with joy.Boy
BoladeHonor will come.Boy
DamolaMixed with wealth.Boy
DurojaiyeOne who waits for the joy of life.Boy
DurosinmiWait to rest.Boy
EsupofoThe devil has lost.Boy
FarayioluwaI rely on God.Boy
FiyifoluGive honor to God.Boy
FolarinWalk with gloryBoy
FoluA shy or timid man.Boy
GbadeboThe one who brings the crown.Boy
IdogbeThe second child born after twins.Boy
IfelewaThe beautiful love.Boy
IlesMessenger of the God.Boy
InioluwaAcquiring God's treasure.Boy
IranolaA wealthy family.Boy
Isamotu OlalekanWithout God I'm destitute.Boy
IseoluwaThe act of God.Boy
Iyanu-OluwaThe miracle of God.Boy
JaiyesimiOne who believes in enjoying the life.Unisex
JesutosinJesus is worthy of worship.Boy
JimohOne who is born on a Friday.Boy
KasekoTo mock or ridicule someoneBoy
MabayojeYoruba term meaning do not destroy joy.Boy
MajekodunmiDo not let it be a thing of pain.Boy
MayowaOne who brings joy to the family.Boy
MobolajiA boy who is born of wealth.Boy
ModadeolaA man wearing a crown of wealth or affluence.Boy
ModupeoreThank you God for this gift.Unisex
ModurodoluwaI waited on the Lord.Boy
ModurolorilerioluwaOne who stands on the promise of God.Boy
MofetoluwaA man who graciously accepts God's will.Boy
MofihinfoluwaTo God be the glory.Boy
MofolorunsoOne who is placed in God's care.Boy
MonjolaoluwaEnjoying the wealth of God.Unisex
MorenikejiThis child resembles me.Unisex
NaadeA boy who is born in royalty.Boy
NiyilolawaThe wealth is here.Unisex
NumilekunoluwaClean my tears, Lord.Boy
ObaThe kingBoy
ObafemiThe King loves me.Boy
ObaloluwaGod is the king.Boy
ObasolapeYoruba term meaning God has made his wealth complete.Boy
ObatotosinloluwaGod is indeed worthy of praise.Boy
OdunayoYear of happiness.Boy
OgooluwaThe glory of God.Boy
OlabamijiWealth wakes with me.Boy
OlabisiThe joy is multiple.Boy
OlabodeWealth has come home.Boy
OladayoWealth has become joy.Boy
OlajuwanThe exaltation of the triumph.Unisex
OlamilekanLord Shiva, one of the three major divinities in the later hindu pantheon.Boy
OlorunyomiGod has saved meUnisex
OlumorotiI stand with GodUnisex
OlusolaGod has blessed meUnisex
OluwagbengaGod has lifted me up.Unisex
OluwatokeGod is worthy to be adored.Unisex
PamilekunayoOne who brings tears of joy.Boy
RemilekunStop my grief.Boy
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