153 Yoruba Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AbionaOne who is born during a journeyGirl
AdesinaShe opens the wayGirl
AinaBeautiful Eyed WomanGirl
AjayiBorn face-downUnisex
AmokeLoving stroke or to pet herGirl
BandeleBorn Away From HomeGirl
IgeBorn feet firstUnisex
KayinKayin means The Child that has been Long AwaitedGirl
KehindeCame second or the second born child.Girl
OlayinkaWealth surrounds meUnisex
AbebiWe asked for a girl child.Girl
AbidemiA girl born during father's absence.Girl
AdankwoOne born on fourth day.Girl
AdaomaA good and virtuous lady.Girl
AdaoraDaughter of allGirl
AdefolakeYour wealth supports us.Girl
AderiyikeThe pampered crown.Girl
AdunniA daughter of the sweet personGirl
AegaA palm bird, tiny birdGirl
AtinukeOne who has been taken care of right from the conception.Girl
AyobamiWealth meet me, one asking for wealth.Girl
AyokunumiI am overwhelmed with wealth.Girl
AyomideYoruba - Joy has returned ; A variant of name AyotundeUnisex
AyomisioluwakonitanThe Joy of the lord will never diminish in my life.Girl
AyoolaThe joy of wealthGirl
AyotolaJoy is enough wealth.Girl
AyotoluwafunmiThe joy that the lord has given me.Girl
AyotundeYoruba - Joy has returned; A variant of name AyomideUnisex
AyotundunA Yoruba term, meaning joy is sweet.Girl
AyowonuolaA Yoruba term, meaning joy enters wealth.Girl
AyowunmiA girl who loves joy.Girl
BereFirst daughter of the family.Girl
BidemiBorn awaiting me.Girl
BimpeOne who is gorgeous and beautiful.Girl
BisiShe who is a first-born daughter in the familyGirl
BmideleA Yoruba term meaning follow me home.Girl
BodundeCame with Christmas or one who was born during Christmas.Girl
BolanleOne who finds wealth at home.Girl
BolatitoA Yoruba term meaning how joy sanctifies me.Girl
BoluwajiRise up with Lord.Girl
BoluwatifeAs God wishes, one who follows the will of God.Girl
BosedeA daughter that came to world on a SundayGirl
BunmiTo be my giftGirl
BusayoAdd to the joy.Girl
DideoluwakusidedeThe coming of the Lord is at hand.Girl
DiekololaoluwaGod's blessing isn't small.Girl
DiekololaoluwalayemiThe wealth of God in my life cannot be measured.Girl
DoyinsolaMy wealth is sweet.Girl
EbunoluwaThe God's giftGirl
EmilohiOnly God is great.Girl
EmiolaThe honorable one, or an honorable man.Girl
EniafeA beloved man.Girl
EniiyiA person of integrity.Girl
EnitanPerson of the story or person with a history.Girl
EriifeoluwaThe evidence of God's love.Girl
EromidolaMy thought has become wealth.Girl
EyitopeThis is worthy for praise.Girl
FadekunmiAdd crown to me or add crown for me.Girl
FehintolaYoruba term, meaning rest the back on wealth.Girl
FeyisayoUse this as joy.Girl
FeyisetanA Yoruba term meaning use this as history.Girl
FeyisolaA girl who always has the blessing of her parents on her, my blessing.Girl
FiayosemiThe one who has molded her parents with joy.Girl
FibikemiYoruba term meaning bless me with your birth.Girl
FisayoGod has added me to my joy.Girl
FoladeThe honor arrives.Girl
FolakeOne who is taken care with wealth.Girl
FolaoluwashadeThe wealth of God is my crown.Girl
FolasadeYoruba term meaning honor confers a crown.Girl
FolushoGod cares, one who is always under God's protection.Girl
FowokeA girl who is pampered with money.Girl
FoyinsolaYoruba term meaning add honey to the wealth.Girl
FunmilayoGift of God or God has brought me joy.Girl
FyiynfoluwaGive praise to God. A person who never forgets to praise God for everything.Girl
GbemisolaYoruba term meaning carry me into wealth.Girl
GbohunmiGod has heard my cry.Girl
GbolahunShow the wealth.Girl
GboyegaCarry the glory high.Girl
IbidolapoA term used for a child whose birth brought the wealth together.Girl
IbidunThe birth was sweet.Girl
IbilolaA girl who is born in riches.Girl
IbironkeThe family will love this child.Girl
IbukunadeThe blessings have come to me.Girl
IbukunoluwaThe blessings of God.Girl
IdowuA daughter who is born after twins.Girl
IfedayoLove has turned to joy.Girl
IfedeLove is here.Girl
IfedolaoluwaGod has blessed our love.Girl
IfedolapoWealth has been mixed with love.Girl
IfejesukristiThe love of Jesus Christ.Girl
IfelayoLove is peace.Girl
IfeoluwadolapoGod's love has brought us wealth.Girl
IfesowapoLove has joined us together.Girl
IfetundunLove is sweet.Girl
IfeyaLove, a lovable woman.Girl
IkeoluwaOne who is under the constant care of God.Girl
IlearaA healthy child.Girl
IlerioluwaThe promise of God.Girl
IretomiwaBlessing has come to me, a girl who has brought blessings to her family.Girl
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