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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Zariah

Zariah is a Muslim girl’s name with origins in the Arabic language. The meaning of the name is interpreted as ‘shining,’ or ‘radiance,’ and is related to flowers like blossoms and roses. A few claim that the name also means ‘princess.’ The name can be associated with courage, love, and beauty.

The name Zariah also claims a Hebrew origin since it is the feminine variation of the name Zechariah. According to its Hebrew roots, the name stems from the word ‘zakar,’ which signifies ‘Yahweh’ or ‘God,’ and also means ‘to remember.’ The name is associated with God’s protection and remembrance. Another Hebrew name related to the Zariah is Azariah, meaning ‘God has helped.’

There is a possibility that the name is derived from the Arabic name, Zahrah, which means ‘blooming flower.’ One variant of the name is Zahra. It may also have been based on the Nigerian city of Zaria. It is also the alternate form of the names Zara and Zahara. The name may also have been derived from the Russian word ‘Zaria’ meaning ‘sunrise,’ or ‘dawn.’

The name could also have been a disambiguation of the name Zaria, which in turn may refer to Zorya, a figure in Slavic folklore. This figure, or possibly a goddess, is considered to be a personification of dawn. Zorya is often called “The Red Maiden,” and is portrayed as the sister of the sun, moon, and morning star, with which she is identified.

Zariah is a female name that is commonly found in Middle East countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, Pakistan, Somalia, and Tunisia.

A few variants of the name Zariah include Zaria, Zariya, Zareyah, Zariahna, Zarielle, Zaryah, Zarya, Zeriah, Zoriah, and Zeriyah. Some potential nicknames for Zariah are Zari, Riah, Zara, Aria, Zee, Arya, and Zia.

Zariah Jani Singletary is an actress, rapper, singer, songwriter, and model, known for her role in the 2014 comedy-drama film “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.”


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Name of a flower or God has favored
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Zariah On The Popularity Chart

According to the graphs provided by the US Social Security Administration, we see that the name has been going up in rank and increasing in popularity. Hover over the graphs below for a better understanding.

Popularity Over Time

The name saw a gradual increase in popularity after 1995. It touched its peak in 2018 with 725 babies per million possessing the name.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

According to the graphs, the name shot up in rank. From 10,508 in 1995, it went up to 438 in 2018.

Source: Social Security Administration

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