80 Zoroastrianism Baby Girl Names With Meanings

DelbarCharming, enticing, one who captivates heartsGirl
HaurvatatHealth, perfection, wholenessGirl
HomayunRoyal, fortunateGirl
IrajFlower or blossom.Girl
KanishaKanisha means BeautifulGirl
TahminaRustam's wife in a famous poem; Strong womanGirl
ArdvisuraBrilliant waters. It's the name of a river in Iran and an angel who is identified with the sacred waters.Girl
AredetfredhiThe one having a righteous father or the mother of a future savior.Girl
ArenavachiOne who always speaks the truth. It's also the name of the King Jamshed's daughter.Girl
ArmaitiA woman filled with humility, piety and devotion. It's also the name of an archangel.Girl
ArmaniFaith; Persian - Desire; A variant form of name ArmanGirl
ArmindokhtDaughter of garden of Eden's dweller.Girl
ArshaPersian - Man; Hindi - Prayer Ceremony; Also means from the RishisUnisex
ArsiaPersian - Throne; One who is worthy of Throne; A variant spelling of the name ArshiyaGirl
ArtdokhtA righteous and obeying daughter.Girl
AryenishA girl belonging to a noble lineage.Girl
BahmanbanuA lady with a good mind and intellect.Girl
BanugushnaspA woman who possesses a male horse. It's also the name of the brave daughter of Rustam.Girl
BostanA place filled with fragrance, garden. Also the name of a book by Sheikh Saadi.Girl
DadhushSomeone who is born intelligent.Girl
DelafruzA woman who is capable of kindling the heart.Girl
DelbaharThe heart of the spring season.Girl
DinazA religious song or music.Girl
DinbanuA woman who is extremely attached to her faith.Girl
FarnazaOne who is learned and intelligent.Girl
FerangizOne with a dazzling glory. And the name of King Kai-Khusrow's mother.Girl
FrenyA person who is loved by all; Zaratushtra's daughter as per mythGirl
GoharafridOne created meticulously by nature.Girl
GordafridA person created as a hero. It's the name of the Iranian heroine who fought against Sohrab.Girl
GordiehStrong and mighty woman warrior.Girl
GulandamSlender and delicate, Having the form like a flower.Girl
GulchehrA woman having a countenance like a rose. Also the name of Aorang's beloved.Girl
HormazbanuA lady bearing the name of the Almighty.Girl
HufriyaA woman having much love in her heart.Girl
HutoshWell formedGirl
IranbanuThe lady of Iran.Girl
JalehDewy; Rain; A variant transcription is ZhalehGirl
KerbanuA girl with tremendous strength, power and happiness in her heart.Girl
KhushnumaA woman with nice and pleasing appearance.Girl
KokabStar; Celestial BodyGirl
KowkabStar; Celestial Body; A variant of name KokabGirl
MahchehrA girl with the features like the moon.Girl
MahpaekarA girl with a face like the moon.Girl
ManizehA jewel of a lady. Also the name of Bezan's wife and Afrasiab's daughter.Girl
MohorParsi - Moon; 12th day of a monthGirl
NaztabShining grace. It's also an epithet applied by Firdousi to Mushknaz.Girl
NekdelA person with a good heart.Girl
PanizPersian - SugarGirl
ParbeenCapable; Skillful; Efficient; Intelligent and BrilliantGirl
ParichehrA girl with a face as beautiful as a fairy.Girl
ParvanehPersian - Like a ButterflyGirl
ParveenCluster of Stars; A variant spelling is ParvinGirl
PouruchistiA person full of wisdom. Also the name of Zarathushtra's daughter.Girl
PurgavA woman possessing several cows.Girl
RexellePersian - Bright; Dawn; Light; A variant spelling of RexellaGirl
RoshanakStar of magnificence; Shining Star; Luminous Beauty; Lovely Flare; Bright LightGirl
RudabehName of a Persian mythological female figure in the epic Shahnameh. The name means river or water.Girl
RuxshinShining and bright. One with a shining and bright personality.Girl
SamannazA beautiful lily of the valley. The name of Kurang, king of Zabulistan's daughter, who married King Jamshed.Girl
SamanrukhA woman with a patient face.Girl
SarvazadA child as noble as cypress.Girl
ShahdokhtA name or term used for the daughter of monarch.Girl
ShakernazA woman as delicate as sweet words.Girl
SheherivarPower at will. It's the name of an Archangel and the name of fourth day and sixth month.Girl
ShirdokhtA brave lady.Girl
SimbarA girl with a white complexion.Girl
SindokhtThe name of Rustam's female ancestor.Girl
SrutatfedhriHaving a renowned. father. Also the name of the mother of one of the three saviors of earth.Girl
SudabehA life filled with lustrous profit. It was name of King of Hamavaran's daughter.Girl
TajbanuQueen or lady of the crown.Girl
TehminaStrong and confident woman. It's the name of hero Rustam's wife and King of Samangan's daughter.Girl
TishtarName of the angel of rain.Girl
TokhmesarvOne with a stature like a cypressGirl
VahbizThe one bestowed by God.Girl
VispanfrivaThe one loved by all.Girl
ZamrodA version of Jamrud. It's derived from the river of Jam flowing through a town near Peshawar.Girl
ZarinchinarThe golden poplar.Girl
ZarmandokhtThe daughter of time.Girl
ZoishThe invoker. It's the name of Zarathushtra's grandmother.Girl
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