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87% Of Babies Have A Higher Risk Of Health Problems Due To Improper Breast Feeding (Keep Your Baby Safe With Instant Doctor Advice @ Just Rs.59/-)

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Clarify all your doubts related to breastfeeding and lactation with just a click at your preferred time and your preferred place!

In our exclusive packages, you get the amazing benefits of:

Instant Expert Advice

You can have a one-on-one chat consultation with our expert female doctors certified by the Medical Council of India.

Total Value for Money-

One comfortable chat with our breastfeeding experts costs you only Rs 59/- whereas at Rs 99/- you get unlimited consultations for 5 days!

  • One consultation = Rs. 59/- only!
  • 5 days of unlimited consultations = Rs. 99/- only!

No more waiting in long, tiring queues to get your problems solved. In a world where there is nothing much that you can do for Rs 59 or Rs 99, Celes Care is offering you personalised healthcare services. One comfortable chat with our breastfeeding experts costs you only Rs 59/- whereas at Rs 99/- you get unlimited consults for 5 days! We bet you cannot get these deals at a better and affordable price. So, what are you waiting for?


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Hassle-free and Saves Time

Connect to our breastfeeding experts within 45 seconds from anywhere at any given point of time as they are online all 7 days. Also receive a doctor written consult summary with instructions.

100% Safe and Secure

Private and secure chats; so clear all your queries and also share photos without any hesitation or fear.

Certified by over 12,000 women, but if you’re not satisfied we guarantee a 100% refund!

Easy Accessibility

You don't need a specialised device to access this amazing facility of ours. You can easily connect with our doctors through smartphones, ipad, desktop or laptop.


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About Celes Care :
Celes Care aims at providing holistic healthcare to women. It looks to deliver customised. comprehensive guidance delivered with compassion. It is a medically certified centre of excellence for women's health & wellness. The breastfeeding experts from Celes have years of experience and expertise to deliver the best.


Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Lavanya Arabandi
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Sandhya Puli
Medical Operations
Dr. Mani Akkineni
Senior OB-GYN Consultant