Debbie Peterson

Specialty: Nutrition

Debbie Peterson learned about Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, mind and body connection which made her practice the right way of eating, detoxing, and balancing the body. Later, she gave birth to a boy and then a girl. She relocated to New Jersey that led her to discover the Holistic Moms Network, and later she was the Monmouth County Chapter Leader. Her passion for healthy nutrition progressed from here. She was an adjunction faculty at Brookdale Community College and Monmouth University. With her continuous passion for learning nutrition and healthy living, she made related lesson plans for her students. Debbie was introduced to the Insitute for Integrative Nutrition by her friend in 2006, where she holds a customized catalog, and she enrolled in it the following year. She is a consultant for a BeautyCounter company that markets skin, hair, and body care products. She likes playing tennis, exercising, reading, building a family tree, playing with her dog, cats, and spending time with family in her free time. 

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