Dr. Antony Robert Charles, MS

Specialty: Pediatrics
Education: AIIMS, Delhi

Dr. Antony Robert Charles is a Pediatric Surgeon and Pediatric Urologist in Bangalore. He has worked in the domains of pediatric and neonatal care and pediatric trauma for over a decade. Dr. Charles received advanced training in pediatric surgery at AIIMS, Delhi. He later practiced and worked as an Associate Professor at St. John’s Medical College. He was also a Fellow at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney, Australia, where he received training in Laparoscopy and Urology. Dr. Charles works on ethical issues related to prenatal care, long-term care, rights of children. He has authored many publications in peer-reviewed journals. He contributed chapters in the textbooks Pediatric Surgery and co-wrote a chapter in the textbook of Pediatric Nephrology. 

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