Dr. Kire Stojkovski

Specialty: Internal Medicine, Pharmacology and Oncology

Dr. Kire Stojkovski is a practicing doctor with most of his previous work cited and published in highly approved medical journals. He has acreditation in physiotherapy and is the sports physician for three football squads in his hometown. He has skills in traditional Chinese medicine and was a member of a tutoring program for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, China, in the year 2019. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D in oncology. Dr. Stojkovski completed his medical high school gaining a diploma for physiotherapeutic technician. In 2019 he completed his medical faculty in Macedonia. He has worked as a medical doctor in the Emergency medical care unit in Bitola, and currently works as a sports doctor with the young national football teams. Beside his native language Macedonian, he speaks English and Bulgarian and is currently studying Chinese language.

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