Dr. Marcos Roberto Tovani Palone

Specialty: Pediatric Dentistry
Education: University of Sao Paulo

Marcos Roberto Tovani Palone holds an M.Sc degree from the Hospital for Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies, University of São Paulo, Brazil. He did a PhD in Experimental Pathology from the Ribeirão Preto Medical School. Being a DDS, he specializes in syndromes and craniofacial anomalies, health management, and pediatric dentistry. He also holds interests in research, and focuses on orofacial clefts, general medicine, pediatric pathology, public health, and dentistry. Till date, his 80+ research papers are published in reputed journals and he is also a part of the editorial board of Biomolecules, BMC Public Health, and Electronic Journal of General Medicine.

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