Dr. Misha Yajnik, MD

Specialty: Pediatrics
Education: Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica

Dr. Misha Yajnik is an American Board Certified general pediatrician practicing in the US. She did her undergraduate studies at Youngstown State University in Ohio and obtained her MD degree from Ross University School of Medicine in Dominica. With over a decade of experience with children from newborns to adolescents, her special interest lies in helping parents navigate the difficulties of parenting from an emotional and mental side. Dr. Yajnik believes it takes a village to raise a child and likes to promote mindful living at a young age. She encourages a healthy lifestyle, mental and emotional health. Through her Instagram account, Dr. Yajnik discusses various topics related to emotional wellbeing and conscious parenting. She likes to combat misinformation and promote a healthy life.

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