Dr. Sonal Dhemla, PhD

Specialty: Food and Nutrition
Education: Rajasthan University, Jaipur

Dr. Sonal Dhemla, a gold medalist, is working with a pediatric hospital as a consultant dietitian/clinical nutritionist. She founded ‘Dr. Sonal’s Nutrittude’, a diet clinic specializing in child nutrition, complementary feeding, juvenile diabetes, celiac disease, autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, growth issues among children, different deficiencies, and much more. She also works in the field of obesity/overweight, PCOS/PCOD, hyper and hypothyroidism, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and gout. Dr. Dhemla is a health blogger and writes as an expert. She pursued her MSc from SK Agriculture University, Bikaner, and Ph.D. from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. She has published research papers in national and international journals and presented them at national and international conferences. She is also a member of the Indian Dietetic Association.

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