MomJunction Editorial Team

Meet our dedicated writers and editors, who work to provide thoroughly researched and factually correct information. They ensure the articles reflect our readers’ requirements and meet their expectations. And for that, the team puts in a lot of hard work.


Bhavana Navuluri

Bhavana has nearly 20 years of experience in content writing and editing. She was a print media journalist before moving to online. As the Chief Editor of MomJunction, Bhavana guides her team in writing the most authentic content with no compromise on quality or editorial values.

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Dr. Bisny T. Joseph

Bisny is a Georgian Board-certified physician. She has completed her professional graduate degree as a medical doctor from Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia. Her interest in digital medical education and patient education made her pursue a career in medical writing.

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Swati Patwal

Swati is a clinical nutritionist and toddler mom with over eight years of experience in diverse fields of nutrition. She worked as a nutrition faculty and clinical nutrition coach in different organizations. At MomJunction, she writes research-backed health, wellness, and nutrition-related articles.

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Dr. Ritika Shah

Ritika is a dental surgeon with more than seven years of clinical experience. She writes well-researched articles on women’s health and childcare. Topics on health and behaviorial issues of babies are of special interest to this new mom.

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Rebecca Malachi

Rebecca is a pregnancy writer and editor with a passion for delivering research-based and engaging content. She has been into health and wellness writing since 2010. She received her graduate degree in Biotechnology and Genetics and did a certification in ‘Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy’.

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Rohit Garoo

Rohit is a zoologist-botanist turned writer with over eight years of experience in content writing, content marketing, and copywriting. He has also done an MBA in marketing and human resources and worked in the domains of market research and e-commerce. His role at MomJunction began in 2016 as a health writer.

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Wedetso Chirhah

Wedetso holds a masters degree in English Literature. He had written content for more than 15 B2B websites and edited school books before joining MomJunction. As a writer and editor, Wedetso ensures the articles meet the highest editorial standards.

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Shikha Thakur

Shikha is a writer-turned-associate editor at MomJunction. Her core interest lies in writing articles that guide couples through their pregnancy to parenthood. Being a postgraduate in Human Resources, she understands people and their relationships, which reflects in her relationship articles, where she deals with both the rosy and the grey side of things.

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Poulami Nag

Poulami is a writer and editor at MomJunction. She did her MA in English from Miranda House, University of Delhi and has qualified UGC-NET. Her journey as a content writer began in 2017. Her knowledge of literature and language has given her an eye for detail and an analytical perspective that she brings to her articles.

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Harshita Makvana

Harshita is a graduate in commerce and holds a PG Diploma in Patent and Copyrights Law from NALSAR University. She has also pursued CA and has more than three years of internship experience in auditing. Her love for travelling has taken her to various parts of the world, and writing the travelogues was what brought out her love for content writing.

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Sindusha MS

Sindusha is a clinical nutritionist with over two years of experience in diverse fields of nutrition. She did her Masters in Food Science and Nutrition and has qualified UGC-NET. She has also been a part of several community nutrition projects and a phytochemical-based nutrition study during the same period.

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Sanjana Bhattacharjee

Sanjana did her postgraduation in Applied Microbiology from Vellore Institute of Technology, India. Her interest in science and health, combined with her passion to write made her convert from a scientist to a writer. She believes her role at MomJunction combines the best of both worlds as she writes health-based content based on scientific evidence.

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Pragya Bhargavi

Pragya Bhargavi has been in the field of content research, writing and editing for over five years. Her passion for academics and science has enabled her to write creative as well as research-based articles. She has completed her Masters in Microbiology and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Education (B.Ed).

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Siddharth Kesiraju

Siddharth holds a Master's degree in Communication and Journalism from the University of Hyderabad. He has around six years of experience in various fields of writing and editing. Previously, he worked in the e-commerce industry.

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Akshay Nair

Akshay is a sub-editor and former journalist with over three years of experience. A post graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism, he has strong professional and academic background in the field of content writing and editing.

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Dr. Joyani Das

Dr. Joyani Das is a PhD in Pharmacology with over two years of experience in academics. Previously, she worked as an associate professor, faculty of Pharmacology. Her research work was published in international journals and publications, such as Elsevier, Current Science, and IJPER.

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Deepa Thomas

Deepa Rachel Thomas holds a master’s degree in English from the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. She has experience editing academic content for research scholars, reviewing the work of several B2B clients, and working closely with fiction/non-fiction writers.

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Aneesha Amonz

Aneesha holds a Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology from USTM, Meghalaya and Master’s degree in Applied Microbiology from VIT, Vellore. She has worked on different research projects in the field of Food Sciences dealing with modified ketchup formulation and complex coacervates. In addition, she has an internship experience in Oil India Limited as an R&D project trainee.

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Vidya Tadapatri

Vidya did her postgraduation in Biotechnology from Osmania University, Hyderabad. Her interest in scientific research and writing made her pursue a career in writing, in which she now has over four years of experience.

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Reshmi Das

Reshmi Das has over three years of experience as a clinical coordinator, medical content writer and medical conference coordinator. Her continuous interest in medical journals and writing makes her write well-researched articles. Reshmi has completed her Master’s degree in Biotechnology.

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Vibha Navarathna

Vibha is a coder turned content writer. She holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications, and her passion for writing fresh and informative content made her a full-time writer. Holding certifications in content writing and creative writing, she writes for products.

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Amrit S

Amrit holds a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature, a Master's degree in Communication, and a certificate in Creative Writing. Before joining MomJunction as a products writer, he worked as a copywriter in an ed-tech company. Amrit has a knack for writing content of different sizes and for different genres. After work, he can be found watching movies or traveling.


Arghyasree Chatterjee

Arghyasree holds a Master's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and has 10 years of rich experience working across various media platforms. Being a Brands writer, she has a deep understanding of branding and marketing strategies. Apart from writing, she enjoys listening to music, cooking, and spending quality time with pets/ animals.


Samiksha Panda

Samiksha holds a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication & Journalism and specializes in beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment genres. As a Brands writer, her passion for writing and curiosity to learn new things help her produce content that is engaging as well as interesting. She is an avid reader who challenges herself to write for various genres. Other than writing, she enjoys discovering new music and content from different cultural artists around the world. Food, music, and movies get her special attention.


Soumita Ghosh

Writer, painter, and an avid reader, Soumita loves to indulge in the arts that she loves. She has a Master’s Degree in English and is a Brands writer at MomJunction. Her writing journey began in 2017, and since then, she has been swimming in the world of articles, social media content, travelogs, and web content, among several other things.


Kamalika Nandy Sikdar

A non-conformist and an incurable dreamer, Kamalika was into communications and content marketing before joining MomJunction. As a Brands editor, she creates, edits, and manages content for brands keeping in mind their unique requirements. Having done her Master’s in English Literature, she's passionate about books and travel and can be found mostly with her nose buried in some form of print.