A Must Have Toy To Keep Your Baby Occupied And Active!

Kick and Play Piano Gym - A versatile playtime option that creates a sensory and growth stimulating environment for your toddler.

  • Five busy activity toys
  • Portable Piano with Long play and Short Play
  • Soft, Comfy Mat- Portable
  • Power/Volume Control


Read This If Playtime With Your Baby Is The Best Part Of Your Day!

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano


I'm Sharon, 32, mother of three amazing young boys, ages 7, 5 and my youngest will be 10 months at the end of this week. Yes, It has been an incredible ride.

They say...the third time around you may get used to it but that's only...partly true.

The chores of managing a baby get somewhat easier..

But those amazing little joys of coming home to your baby and watching him laugh, nibble at just about anything, grab your fingers with his tiny little fists...

It's just all worth the chaos that precedes and follows.

Playtime Builds Parent-Baby Bonding- Invest, Experience, Grow Together!

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano

Recently, I started paying more attention to our playtime activities and the toys we used.

After all, playtime is essentially setting the stage for future social interactions. It acts as a catalyst for physical, emotional, and mental growth.

Yes, its not just all smiles and laughter. (Although I'd love even just that!)

When your baby actively kicks around, reacts to rattles, music...etc, he is taking small steps developing some important skills.

(I'll talk more about those in a bit. )

So yeah, that brings us to a very important part of your child's life - his Toys!


Choosing The Right Toys For Your Baby's Growth - Parenting Experts Approve!

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano

Last week I was planning on buying some new toys for the youngest one. Googled it.

I did it because Toys have evolved from being mere playthings. While they are meant to be fun, they must also be:

Play is so important in the social, mental, physical, and emotional development of children. Toys should be thought of as developmental learning tools.

- Vicki Panaccione, PhD, a child psychologist and founder of the Better Parenting Institute.

Very true indeed.

So after browsing on Fisher Price for a bit, I found a product that would really be a great addition to our playtime!

I Found An Engaging and Versatile Playtime Option On Fisher Price- The Kick And Play Piano Gym:

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano


Why The Kick And Play Piano Gym Works Great For Your Newborn!

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano

There are certain skills that you can expect your child to learn by Age 1. These seemingly simple skills can be broadly categorized under:

Getting into a sitting-up position on his own, crawling, pulling himself up to stand using your hands or furniture, walking (or "toddling") by holding on to furniture, possibly standing on her own and possibly taking a few steps without holding onto you or another support.

Feeding himself finger foods, scribbling with a crayon, covering and uncovering jars or boxes, tearing up paper, putting items into containers and taking them out again, turning rotating handles (like on a jack-in-the-box toy), and banging items together.

Manipulating items to get a response (shaking a rattler, dropping his cup, etc.), looking towards an item when it's named, copying gestures or movements you make, and understanding the proper use for things like a hairbrush, spoon, cup, remote control, etc., even if he or she doesn't know exactly how to work it. You get the idea.


I have twin boys that are currently 3.5 months old. They love playing on this toy side by side. The dangling toys are really interesting to my kids. They'll play with this toy for quite a while before getting bored. I always put a blanket down on the mat before I put the kids on it because they drool/spit up pretty often and it's easier to wash a blanket and replace it than wash the mat.

Our 3 month old loves it! Arrived in one day of ordering and was easy to put together. Honestly I don't know why it came with instructions. This is the most interactive he has been with the multiple baby gyms we have. He is a kicker so this is perfect. It even has him interested in rolling side to side. So glad we got this.


Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano

The Piano Gym assists timely development of all of these skills.

Ideally, it is a perfect option with a play pen like environment where the child is required to act physically and cognitively!

Trust me, this is not one of those toys that lies in a corner after the first few days of use!

I take it with me even when I travel..it's so easy to pack and carry along.

Like I said, the Kick and Play Piano Gym is a worthy investment.

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When I ordered mine, I paid Rs.3999 for the Piano Gym, a very budget friendly product, I'd say.

It sells on Amazon at a 23% discount, and the price has come down to Rs.3095!

A better bargain and totally worth the money..

UPDATE: The offer only runs until 31st March, so order it at the earliest.

The Piano Gym Is A Worthy Purchase For Your Baby's Body and Mind!
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