8 Annoying Habits Husbands Usually Have

Husbands are our soul mates. They are there when you need them and give you a sense of belonging. And, don’t you find it cute when he gets jealous each time a random guy checks you out? Many such things make husbands adorable. But then, they can get annoying too at times and drive you over the edge. Try telling them off and they’ll throw a tantrum like a spoilt toddler. The worst part? You can probably calm down a toddler easily but not a husband who’s blown his fuse, isn’t it? (Did we just hear collective ‘yes’). If you agree with us, then read on to know those annoying habits that husbands usually have:

8. Throwing A Wet Towel On The Bed

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Raise your hand if you’ve just ticked that box on your list! Most wives complain that their husbands often leave a wet towel on the bed. But why the big fuss, they ask? Well, guys, it’s microbiology. Maybe you missed that class in your school. So let’s remind you that damp areas give rise to harmful bacteria. And you don’t want some of them to breed on your bed, right? Plus, it’s outright annoying!

7. Not Putting The Toilet Seat Up


Again, blame this on the missed biology class! Most men might put up the toilet seat while peeing at the office or public places. But at home, they throw caution to the wind. Seriously? Why do guys forget that the people using the toilet at home are their wives and kids? Isn’t hygiene and cleanliness important for them?

6. Not Keeping Stuff Back At Its Original Place

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Almost every household will have a scenario where the husband will scream at his wife for not finding his keys, wallet, or even his undies. Reason – not keeping it back in its original spot in the first place. So guys, please do your wives a favor. Keep your stuff where it belongs – and do so neatly!

5. Pretending To Listen

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To all those husbands complaining about their wives’ nagging. Guys – “listen” attentively to your wife instead of pretending. Your wife clearly explains things to you in plain, simple language. But since you pretend instead of listening, she repeats it a gazillion times to the point of nagging. So just – LISTEN!

4. Lazing Around In Boring Shorts At Home


Who doesn’t love to lounge around in their pajamas during a lazy Sunday? But imagine being in boring, faded shorts that show your not-so-admirable hairy legs? Ewww. No matter what your defense is, its still cringe-worthy!

3. Farting In The Presence Of The Rest Of The Family


Again, comfort need not come by causing discomfort to your family. Letting out an uncontrollable wind under unavoidable circumstances is understandable. But doing so each time during dinner, in the living room while watching TV, and other such activities in the presence of your family is ungracious. It might even dent your good image in the eyes of your kids who look up to you.

2. Spoiling The Kids When The Wife Tries To Discipline Them

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Disciplining kids shouldn’t be a prerogative of just one parent. Kids often emulate their father’s habits and look up to them as a benchmark of good manners. So, when the mom tries to discipline them, sheltering kids from her is a totally bad idea. This way, the kids will never seriously learn to accept healthy criticism or differentiate between what’s wrong and right. It’s fine to let your kids loosen up a bit, but think twice before doing so when the mother is disciplining them. The outside world isn’t half as good as parents are to their children. And you’ll not always be there to protect them.

1. Getting In The “Mood” When The Wife Is Dead Tired


Agreed, men have their needs. But women, be it homemakers or working mothers, have a lot of chores in an entire day when compared to men. They can also have low stamina than men, especially on days following their monthly cycles. Due to this, there may be days (or nights), when all they’d wish to do is sleep and rest. Dragging them into making love when they are not up to it is simply being insensitive. By being a little more considerate toward your wife, you’ll only be able to strengthen your bond with her. Even more than those lovemaking sessions.

Does your husband have some of these annoying habits? How do you deal with them? Let us know in the comments section below and enlighten us.

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