Dad’s Health: Benefits Of Having A Family

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When we speak of a newborn coming into this world, we usually focus on how a mother’s life changes because of it. Starting with her body and then the post-pregnancy life, all the attention is on the newborn’s mother because of the drastic changes her body goes through. Plus, she is the one who bears the pregnancy for nine months. However, what we sometimes forget to consider is that a dad plays a significant role. He might not be physically carrying a child, but he is involved in their lives just as much. And that’s something that should not be forgotten!

Fathers play a crucial role in a child’s development. Studies show that an involved and nurturing father improves the cognitive and emotional capabilities of a child. It was also observed that children with caring and loving fathers had higher IQs, better linguistic abilities, and performed well academically (1). Therefore, there is no denying that a dad is equally important as a mother.

Dad’s Health Benefits Of Having A Family

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Now that we’ve established that, let’s look at how fathers’ lives change after they have a baby. What impact does fatherhood have in a man’s life? Scroll below to find out why it’s beneficial to a dad’s health to have a family:

1. Adopting A Better Lifestyle

Adopting A Better Lifestyle

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Being a new parent is exhausting. If you don’t improve your lifestyle, it becomes nearly impossible for you to handle a newborn. If you are a dad with unhealthy sleeping habits, it’s time to fix that. Because taking care of your baby and handling feeding, changing, and sleeping schedules are not going to be a walk in the park. You need sufficient rest and energy to power through the day. So you are left with no choice but to stick to a healthy lifestyle (including sleeping and eating habits).

2. Motivation to Quit Smoking

Motivation to Quit Smoking

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It’s a well-known fact that smoking is a nasty habit, and it’s highly injurious to health. So, if you’re a smoker, it’s the perfect chance for you to kick the habit because the fumes of your cigarette (even the second hand ones) are seriously harmful for your infant. They can cause respiratory problems, ear infections, asthma attacks, and even SIDS (2).

3. Contributes To A Healthier Heart

Contributes To A Healthier Heart

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Imagine how powerful a child is if they can prevent cardiovascular diseases in their fathers! Yes, you read that right! In a study published in 2011, men who didn’t have children had a higher risk of succumbing to cardiovascular diseases than those who had one or more kids (3). The warmth of a baby making your heart feel full could also be a contributing factor (or that’s just the sappy part of us talking).

4. May Have A Longer Life

May Have A Longer Life

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We’ve all heard that women live longer than men, and that might be a well-known fact. But if you want to change that, science says that you should have children! According to a study, dads have a longer life span when they have daughters (4). No wonder a father-daughter bond is so beautiful! It’s a matter of life and death (JK).

5. Promotes Overall Well-Being

Promotes Overall Well-Being

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Being a father can be scary because of the added responsibility that comes with it. Financial commitments, the safety and security of your baby, and your family’s overall well-being can lead to an increase in the stress load. However, studies show that the role of a father can positively impact a man’s life and contribute to his overall well-being (5).

6. Sticking To Schedules

Sticking To Schedules

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With fatherhood comes the added responsibilities be it cleaning the poop or changing the diapers to cleaning the household. In the beginning it can be overwhelming to the parents. However, gradually you realize that following a schedule actually lets you manage your time better. You waste far less time and manage the available time efficiently.

7. Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

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Just holding and looking your baby in the eyes will take all the other worries away from you. You develop the perspective that your baby is the focus of your world and his/her safety and wellbeing is the only thing which matters to you now. This in turn helps you in your emotional outlook as well, strengthening your demeanor and wellbeing.

8. Better Bonding With Your Partner

Better Bonding With Your Partner

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Once you become parents, the chemistry between you and your partner will also undergo a certain maturity. You will realize that your partner is the one half of you who will assist and take the journey with you in raising your little one. It will see you treating her with more love and respect than before. She’s after all the “mother of your child”,

Gone are the days when mothers bore the brunt of parenthood all alone. In today’s day and age, fathers are expected to take equal part in raising their children, and rightfully so. And while it will be a challenging task to say the least, it will make you feel humbled and you will appreciate your life much more than you ever did. If taken proper care and planned well, your health will in fact see an upward trend from the responsibilities and duties you have to take on due to parenthood. So, there you have it — a list of reasons why fatherhood is good for you! If you or your partner are not sure about having kids and are looking for lists of pros and cons, this article will help you fill out the list of pros for men! Did you know that dads benefit from having a family? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!


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