20 Breastfeeding Memes to Get You Through That Nursing Session

20 Breastfeeding Memes To Get You Through That Nursing Session

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Breastfeeding forms the basis of a beautiful life-long bond that you share with your baby. Breastfeeding has a number of benefits and it isn’t just limited to providing nourishment for your baby’s growth and development. It is also an essential barrier against various illnesses, bacteria, and viruses because it provides the necessary antibodies to strengthen the immunity of your little one. It is also the source of comfort and emotional well being for your baby.

But breastfeeding comes with its own challenges and discomforts like gorging, nipple rash, leaks, pain, teething bites and so on. But that doesn’t deter you from giving your baby all the comfort and nutrition that it demands. So how about giving breastfeeding a whole new humorous twist? We have collected a handful of funny breastfeeding memes that are meant to elicit some giggles and chuckles from your side. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and scroll down:


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Indeed, those tiny toothy bites are capable of making your eyes pop out with such sharp pain that you could go blank for a moment or two. The teething stage can make breastfeeding a real challenge.


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Oh look, your much-awaited mini meal or wash-room visit post a breastfeeding session can give some real agony to that little munchkin face! How long do they have to wait before it can go munch-munch again?


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When someone mispronounces espresso (and says expresso), you take it in good humour because all you have been doing of late are breastfeeding and ‘expressing’.


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In case your baby has breast preferences, you have to end up doing a lot of thinking on checks and balances, especially when you are out and about.


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This is a real warning. Breastfeeding, boredom, and being indoors can get you hooked up to those crazy online shopping deals.


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When you are breastfeeding, your hormones are jumping all around. It may not be an ideal time to stay outdoors without your breast shields. A little one crying somewhere and the free-flow button is switched on in your mammary glands.


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At home, you aren’t much bothered, and when you are out, you are only bothered about what to wear and where to feed. So, it’s a great idea to pile up on some trendy feeding-friendly clothes.


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Just when you think that the baby is settled, happy, satiated and about to doze-off, your far-away phone rings and flashes an important number. What do you do? Do you pick up the call or settle the baby? Baby or call? Oh, that dilemma!


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Sticking to your breastfeeding schedule may feel like an eternity. You can almost turn into a fossil!


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Most of you are mums who breastfeed on demand. So, you may be quite vague about tracking or measuring when you feed and how much you feed.


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Your baby slept through the night – good news for you but bad news for your overflowing mammary glands.


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You can be guilt-free and mushy with cuddles when you see those extra calories from your diet getting used to shape those chunky adorable thighs of your baby.


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Having a baby is normal, and so is feeding him. Don’t let anybody make you feel otherwise.


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Well, after you have babies, your ‘dream-man’ no longer has shining armours or rides white horses to sweep you off your feet. Rather, your dream man is the one who volunteers to do the dishes and other chores to give you some time and respite.


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If you find moral policing over your decision to breastfeed in public or your exposed boobs, give them a big thumb down and an I-don’t-give-a-damn stare.


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Your breastmilk is a precious commodity because only you know how much hard work goes into manufacturing it and then expressing, supplying, distributing and storing it further.


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Managing a little one is quite a task, but if you have a breastfeeding baby to accompany the former, you are almost waging a war against your sanity, right?


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Just in case you are unsure, let nature guide you towards the right path. Oops, we meant the right breast!


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Confused about your engorged breasts even after you latched your baby? Open those groggy eyes wide open to check if you latched him at the right place.


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Before you had a baby, did you imagine your breasts being capable of going through so much of pulling, pushing, cracking, biting, and stretching? They sure deserve an applause.

Breastfeeding surely requires patience and toiling. If you are a breastfeeding mum, do pat yourself on the back. And if you feel stressed out, scroll through these memes above. We are sure that they will put a smile back on your face.

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