How To Create A Stay At Home Mom Schedule To Save Your Sanity

Being a stay at home mom is not easy. You have to be constantly on your toes to make sure that everything gets done on time. And since you are home most of the time, it does create extra pressure for some to ace it somehow. Though there are perks to being a stay at home mom such as being home with your kids and watching them grow up right in front of you, it is a physically and emotionally demanding job. And let us warn you, it has the potential to suck your sanity as well. That’s why you need a schedule to keep you on track and at ease.

6 Things To Consider When Creating Your Own Schedule

There are a billion things that you would have to consider when creating a daily schedule. And it can be pretty confusing to know how to go about making one that covers all the important factors. Hence we jot down 6 things that you should definitely take into account:

1. Sleep


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Sleep is probably one of the most important things that you should think about while making a daily schedule. And since kids are a creature of routine, make sure that their napping schedules are something that you can stick to and is convenient for you.

2. Kid’s Activities

Kid's Activities

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This includes appointments and after school events that would require you to take time off your schedule to drive them back and forth. Allotting time to these events will help you plan your day more efficiently.

3. Your Child’s Personality

Your Child's Personality

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Each kid is different and nobody knows them better than their mama. While some kids are fine with one-hour playtime, other kids maybe a little more demanding. And younger kids need more interaction and a hands-on approach than older ones. So make sure you allot enough time for each accordingly.

4. Everyday Chores

Everyday Chores

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This includes laundry, doing the dishes, meal prep as well as work hours if you are a work-at-home mum. Make a detailed list of all the things that need to be done.

5. Self Care

Self Care

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We’re sure self-care would take a back seat when you are a full-time mum. And adding this point to your schedule would never have crossed the mind of the majority of mums. But self-care is just as important as everything else. So create your schedule with some time for self-care in it. It could be anything from 30 minutes relaxing bath with wine and a book or half an hour reading time before hitting the bed.

6. Meal Time

Meal Time

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Allocating time for making a meal will help you to stick to it so that you don’t spend your entire day preparing a meal. Calculate how much time it would approximate take for you to make a meal, eat it, and clean up after. You can also do meal prep by experimenting with recipes and techniques to see how you can prepare meals for one weak ahead of time. If you are not familiar with this concept, you can search for videos online that will give you a much better idea of how it works.

Besides the above points, there are several other things that you can include in your everyday schedule such as exercise or walking your dog. Prioritize more time for things that you cannot compromise on. However, make sure to cover all the above points while creating your schedule.

We know that creating a mom schedule is a lot of work. And there must be a small part of your brain questioning and doubting yourself on why you need to go through all that trouble and effort to make a schedule for yourself. Here’s why!

a lot of work

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  • Having a schedule will reduce stress as your kids will get used to following a schedule.
  • You will have better focus and will learn to do things more efficiently.
  • You can keep track of all the things that you accomplished during the day and also work towards being more productive.

Being with your kids full time and taking care of them day in and day out can be physically and emotionally draining. Though you get to create some sweet memories with them, there are times you might feel like you are about to lose your sanity. But with a mom schedule, your life will become so much easier as you can allocate time for everything that needs to be done while also prioritizing self-care and sleep so that you don’t feel burnt out.

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