'Dear Santa' Letters Show Just How Hard The Pandemic Has Been Hitting Children Emotionally

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The year 2020 has been challenging for all of us. The pandemic has hit us hard, and we’ve been cooped up in our homes throughout the year. Just like us, our little ones have had it pretty rough as they’ve missed out on school, playtime with their friends, and are still adjusting to remote learning. It’s safe to say that the pandemic has taken an emotional toll on the kids as well. And Operation Santa, a campaign led by the USPS which encourages children to send their letters to Santa this Christmas, is proof of just that (1). Unlike the usual letters asking for cool Christmas toys, the letters received from kids this year have been heartbreaking and depict the impact the pandemic has had on kids everywhere.

Because of the pandemic, several families have submitted their letters online, directly to the USPS website, which has made it go viral. The notes have been shared across various social media platforms, with several letters making headlines.

Will, You Are So Precious!


The letter was shared by a woman on her Twitter handle. The woman wrote, “This letter to Santa broke my heart.” In the letter, Will asks Santa if he supports the LGBTQ community. He further asks Santa to share the message to God that he loves him and if God will love him after knowing that he’s gay. The boy’s letter touched the heart of hundreds who came out in response to the tweet and showered their love upon Will to let him know that he is loved.

A Little Girl Misses Her Best Friend

In another letter, 7-year-old Annalisse Hocking asks Santa to be reunited with her best friend. The little girl writes that she misses her friend Nyla and shares the message that she has not forgotten about her. She also asks Santa to share her address with Nyla so that her best friend can send her a letter. According to Annalisse’s mother, the girls had befriended each other when Nyla’s family came to New Hampshire in October last year. However, they soon moved and lost touch because of the pandemic. Yet, the story has a silver lining as Annalisse was able to meet her BFF, thanks to her viral letter. The girls now FaceTime with each other and have met for a lunch date.


No matter young or old, we all know the heartbreak of losing a true friend because we couldn’t keep in touch. We’re glad that the little girls finally got reunited and hope that their friendship stays forever.

Losing Loved Ones

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Other letters written to Santa on the USPS website have been more heartbreaking. In a letter, 11-year-old Lily says that she misses her grandpa, who has passed away because of Covid-19 (2). She says that she couldn’t meet him because of the pandemic and misses his hugs. While the little girl goes on to ask for gifts for her entire family, she makes a special request for a puppy for her grandmother since she is concerned about her mental state and wants her to feel better.

Losing a loved one is hard for anyone, and we completely empathize with Lily’s letter. Lily’s grandmother is not alone, tens of thousands of Americans have lost their loved ones due to covid, and the number keeps rising.

Financial Stress Among Families


Several families have also been under significant financial stress as millions of people have lost their jobs due to layoffs during the pandemic. The pandemic has been incredibly stressful for working mothers, as several women have been finding it hard to maintain a career and take care of their families. As a result, several moms have cut back on working hours so that they can help their kids with remote learning and maintain their household.

This year, the letters to Santa tugs at our hearts even more as it paints a stark picture of what 2020 has been like for all of us. It’s no surprise that children have been affected by the pandemic just as we are. While there is no way to assure them that the coming year would be any different, let’s hope for a better year ahead and shower our little ones with love and support — the best kind of gift they can receive this Christmas.

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