Healthy And Fun Thanksgiving Turkey Shaped Recipes

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Thanksgiving is here, and it calls for celebration! This is the perfect time for everyone to get together and be grateful for all the joys and blessings they have in life. It’s an excellent time to introduce the concept of gratitude to your children too. Most children love Thanksgiving as it is a happy time, where family members come together for a sound feast. Thanksgiving is fun, but you can make it all the more exciting for your kids by helping them create a few turkey-shaped Thanksgiving dishes!

They’ll love the idea of contributing to the extensive spread you already have in place! We’ve listed a bunch of healthy and fun Thanksgiving turkey-shaped recipes for you and your child to explore:

1. Thanksgiving Turkey Pretzel Sticks


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Your child will love these pretzel sticks that look like a turkey! Most children love pretzels, and this one is quick to make, fun to look at, and delicious to eat. To make a fun Thanksgiving Turkey Pretzel Stick, you need to dip one-half of the pretzels in chocolate. Make sure that the chocolate is melted and well stirred. Then, fill a jar with candy corn — this will be the base. Stack the pretzels in the jar, safely secured with the candy corns. You now need to make a face. For this, add googly eyes and a tiny beak — you will get edible ones in the store, but you can use candy balls if you don’t. Finally, use the candy corns to a crown of feathers like in the picture above. Add more colors and decorations according to your wish.

2. Colorful Turkey Fruit Bowl


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The chances are that your child already loves fruits, but to make a more exciting fruit bowl for Thanksgiving, try the colorful turkey fruit bowl. It is simple but fun, and all you need are grapes, cranberries, and pears. First, cut the pear in half and place it on a plate; this will be the body of the turkey. For the feathers, cut grapes in half and arrange them around the pear neatly. Next, decorate the feathers with some cranberry. Use edible googly eyes, and carve out the beak on the pear. Wait till you see the excitement this brings to your little one!

3. Turkey Waffles With Kiwi, Orange, And Banana

Turkey Waffles With Kiwi, Orange, And Banana

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The perfect Thanksgiving breakfast is here! Make your turkey waffles with the most basic ingredients that also happen to be healthy. To make this, first, get started with the waffles. Cut the waffles to form a round shape if possible. Use bananas cut in round slices for the eyes — some jam for the eyeballs should do the trick. Or, you could use edible googly eyes. Next, arrange the kiwi, oranges, and bananas to form the feathers. The combination of waffles with fresh fruits would be an awesome kickstarter for your kids in the morning.

4. Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Pops

Thanksgiving Turkey Cake Pops

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When children are hanging out at home or during play, to have some food on stick is something they really enjoy. Children love cake pops, so this is a dish worth trying out! You can either start by making the pops at home or buy ready-made cake pops from the store. The point is to decorate the good old cake pops, so they look like cute Thanksgiving turkeys. As usual, use googly eyes and colored candy for the eyes and beak. You can use sprinkles for the feathers or candy corn too!

5. Thanksgiving Turkey Shaped Cookies

Thanksgiving Turkey Shaped Cookies

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If you’re looking to make fun and adorable cookies of our favorite festive bird, then these Thanksgiving turkey-shaped cookies have to be it! You can make them easily with store-bought cookies, or start from scratch and make the cookies yourself too. Once the cookies are ready, you will need vanilla frosting, candy corn, peanut butter cups, orange food coloring, googly eyes, and food strips. Mix the food coloring and vanilla frosting and keep them aside. Take one cookie, place the peanut butter cup in the middle. This will be the face, so add the googly eyes and beak to the buttercup. Next, arrange the candy corn to form feathers around the head. Using the strips of food candy, make tiny feet and the rest of the turkey’s body. Your cute little turkey cookies are ready!

6. Turkey Shaped Sandwich With Orange Juice


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Sometimes, the best breakfasts are the simplest ones. Sandwiches are the simple wonder recipes that energize everyone in the morning. For breakfast on Thanksgiving, you can make this simple turkey-shaped sandwich and serve it with orange juice. The kids will love it, and so will you. All you need to do is take a little extra effort to cut the sandwich to make it look like a cute turkey.

7. Fun Turkey Shaped Party Tray

Fun Turkey Shaped Party Tray

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Make sure you involve your child in decorating this fun turkey-shaped party tray. For this, you will need salt biscuits, cheese slices, and salami. Feel free to add in veggies too. For the body and face of the turkey, cut a cheese slice and add googly eyes and a beak. Then, you can make the glorious feathers with the salami, cheese slices, and in the end, the salt biscuits.

It’s essential to get your child involved in festive holidays such as Thanksgiving. It gives them a sense of responsibility and belonging. It’s also so much fun! When you cook their favorite food and take the pains to decorate it beautifully, your kids really get excited and enjoy it all the more. Do you have more such fun Thanksgiving turkey-shaped recipes? Let us know in the comments below!

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