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Gender reveal parties are one of the many fads that have become really popular during the internet age, especially in the last decade. In this new age custom, parents reveal the gender of their child to friends and family. However, of late, gender reveal parties have also faced their fair share of criticisms. Advocates of gender equality point out the fact that gender reveal parties have a binary view of gender, those being boys and girls. Many call for more inclusive ways of throwing a party than just sticking to the sex of the fetus. Also, in many countries, regulations prohibit parents from determining the sex of the fetus. So, can there be other ways to celebrate parenthood that are more inclusive? Well, in this article, we are listing some great ideas that can be awesome alternatives to a gender reveal party. So, let’s dive in and have a look:

Name Reveal Party

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One of the first steps to helping your child carve an identity for themselves is giving them a name. Parents go through a rollercoaster ride trying to settle on the best name for their child. From considering meaningful names to the reason behind naming their child and also agreeing if the first name goes well with the surname — that’s all a lot of work! Given how much thought, energy, and time goes into naming your kid, it only seems fitting to throw a party to reveal to the world what your little bundle of joy should be called! You could get creative with how you do the reveal and make the whole event fun and joyful. If dramatic gestures are what you prefer, go ahead and make the announcement grand with firecrackers or big screens. It’s totally cool to keep it simple and fun as well, by having your baby’s initials carved on a cake and letting everyone present try to guess the name. As you introduce your child to the world with their given name, they become a part of society with their own identity.

Horoscope Reveal Party

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Are you someone who relates closely to zodiac signs and horoscopes? If so, then how about throwing a horoscope reveal party for your little one? The whole idea is to celebrate the time at which your child will arrive! Many people believe that your life path has a lot to do with how the planets are positioned. It’s a lovely way to celebrate this belief. For those of your friends and acquaintances who share the same passion for horoscopes as you do, this would be an event to remember for years. Ones who are well versed in the knowledge of zodiacs can take turns to predict and bless the future of your little one. You could also make it fun by having fortune cookies with special notes inside or a fun tarot card session!

A Pregnancy Reveal Party

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The news of your pregnancy in itself calls for celebration, so why not? You can absolutely go ahead and throw a party for your near and dear ones to tell them that you’re in the family way! Some people decide to share the news of their pregnancy as soon as they learn of it themselves, while others choose to wait for a bit before doing so. Whatever be the case, you can throw a pregnancy reveal party when you are ready. To take things up a notch, you could even take your guests by surprise by not telling them what the party is for!

Godparent Reveal Party

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Being a godparent to a child is a very precious feeling. The chances are, you already have someone in mind — someone trustworthy and believe will take care of your child with love and care. One of the best ways to honor them with the title of a godparent is by throwing a godparent reveal party. Surely, this does call for celebration!

Fandom Reveal Party

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This one is probably the most fun party you’ll ever have thrown! Most of us are ardent fans of a particular character, band, series, or team. How fun will it be to throw a party to reveal what fandom your baby will belong to? Of course, you wouldn’t know until your baby grows up, but it can still be fun! Get your loved ones together to celebrate different characters or personalities that they all look up to. To take things up a notch, you could get everyone to dress up like their favorite stars! It will be like your very own intimate, comic-con party. Make sure to take enough photos and videos so that in the future you are able to show this fun party to your little one when they’re all grown up.

Gender Acceptance Party

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If you have reservations with regard to a gender reveal party, then a lovely way to celebrate would be to have a gender acceptance party. The whole idea behind this is to show your support as far as your child’s journey is concerned. Instead of sticking to the traditional “blue for boy” and “pink for girl” elements, maybe you could have a rainbow-colored theme. Or, you can celebrate the life of your child and the fact that you are grateful for being a parent to your precious child. Years later, when your child is all grown up, and they look back at memories of this day (via pictures or videos), they’ll know that no matter what their choice, they fully have your support!

There are so many ways and themes that you can throw a party to celebrate life. You don’t really have to stick to only a certain way just because everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon. The more creative you are, the better appreciation you will receive from your guests. We hope that the ideas that we covered got you excited. Whether you’ve just discovered your pregnancy or are about to deliver your little one soon, these ideas cover all. So go ahead and celebrate this precious moment of parenthood. Do you have more ideas on such parties? Let us know in the comments below!

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