Coronavirus: 8 Good Things That Happened During The Outbreak

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We are in the middle of fighting a pandemic. The deadly virus seems to be claiming thousands of lives every single day across the globe, and the death tolls have been hitting a new record every time we switch on the news channels. People are in great distress and there’s panic and fear prevailing in the mind of every citizen. Several nations have already imposed lockdown with schools, offices, institutions, and transportation means being shut down. An unexpected and eerie calmness is felt in the deserted towns and cities everywhere. In over a hundred years, this is probably one of those times where the world has come united to fight off a disease that can potentially destroy the world economy and human civilization if not contained properly. And while doctors and health departments are assiduously working towards creating a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, we cannot help but wonder about the 8 good things that have come out of this pandemic.

Disclaimer: In no way do we endorse or support COVID-19.

Now without further adieu, here goes:

1. National Boundaries Are Actually Non-Existent

The same boundaries for which we have fought wars and depleted all our resources suddenly seemed vague when the virus crossed boundaries and traveled across the globe. Funnily enough, it made us realize that it was artificial frontiers that we created segregating people of different races and religions. People of highly developed countries, developing countries, and poverty-stricken ones; all came united to fight off the deadly virus.

2. We Are Not Islands

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Far too often, we have always given more importance to individual freedom rather than thinking as a collective society. And just like the porous boundaries, we as humans are also codependent and interconnected with each other. With a pandemic upon us, we have realized that sometimes it takes a village to eradicate a disease.

3. People Recognize Their Altruistic Trait

With the world facing a crisis, you may see two types of people emerge. Those who display absolute selfishness and those who show altruism. The world has already witnessed doctors, nurses, pharmacists, volunteers and other frontline workers risking their lives and safety for the wellbeing of others.

4. The Minorities Are Recognized

People from the neglected constituencies such as the older and the very young generation, and those with underlying medical conditions are cared for and supported like never before.

5. Future Epidemics Are Less Likely To Occur

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Now that the world has had a front-row experience about what a pandemic looks like, there would be more cash flow into finding a cure and creating a new influenza vaccine in the future. People have also realized that they cannot entirely rely on the healthcare sectors and change need to happen from the very base level of livestock farming since the dangers of fusion viruses can be deadly and devastating.

6. Localism Is Encouraged

With an impending economic crisis, people have started supporting the local vendors and suppliers in their neighborhood. Celebrities have set examples by ordering takeout food from their local restaurants. There are truly the times that we realize that our local farmers have much cheaper and healthy produce and we even get to know our neighbors and people around us. In Italy, people have come out to their balconies singing the national anthem and other songs in efforts to try and cheer each other up.

7. It Might Bring In A More Realistic View About Medical Care

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The belief that we are powerful and dominant creatures who has a cure for everything is probably a dumb way to approach life. The current pandemic has definitely shown us that medicine is not omnipotent. The limitations of medicines will probably make us aware of our vulnerabilities as human beings in this world, making us more humble and respectful towards other creatures.

8. Better Regulations Involving Wildlife Trade

The virus supposedly originated in the meat market of China that sells various live animals and wild meat. In the wake of the pandemic, China has announced a ban on farming and consumption of wildlife which will be passed as a law later this year (1). Since the trade-in and consumption of wildlife is a billion-dollar industry in China, we are still skeptical about how this ban will come into effect in the following months. However, people all around the globe have become more conscious of the trade-in and consumption of wildlife.

We hope that our post has given you a sense of hope and a positive outlook about the current crisis that the world is facing at large. How are you coping with the pandemic? Let us know in the comments.

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