15 Hilarious Times Mom Life Was Far From What Was Expected

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Many women dream of it. Fantasize. Creating imaginations in their head of how their mom-life would be. Sadly, the life of a mom turns out to be completely different from your fantasies.

The reality is often and usually far from what you expected. Fortunately, though, you’ve cute little kids with their adorable smiles and innocent eyes that make it all worth it. So, what the hell?

We know that mom-life isn’t perfect. Well, it doesn’t matter. This post is to those times when reality cut down your mom-life expectations like overgrown shrubs in the backyard. And we had to contend with a whole level of unexpected.

1. Change


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Of course, you must have expected a few changes here and there to your body after your pregnancy. But wait, the changes you see aren’t the changes you anticipated! Just for laughs, how about you place side by side the before and after pregnancy photos of yourself.

2. The Mess They Make

The Mess They Make

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We see kids and marvel at their cuteness. We drool at the magnificence of their appearance. To us, they’re little angels, pure in heart, and can do no wrong. If only that is everything there is to them. Maybe we should start telling ourselves the real thing; like, the amount of mess kids make.

3. Non-stop Tears

Non-stop Tears

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If only you knew a life hack that would make your baby stop crying, especially when they do so for no reason. If only you could find a way to get used to it, but there is no getting used to it.

4. More Mess!

More Mess!

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Well, you thought you could do it. You tried to keep your house and environment clean, but you couldn’t. It’s not your fault, though. There are some things you just can’t control, such as a kid’s love for making a mess of everything. Unfortunately, you can’t stop trying.

5. Messy Car

Messy Car

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In case you’ve not looked under your car seat or into those tiny spaces in your car, one advice: don’t. After reading the previous sentence, take your car to a carwash. Nothing much, though, just trying to save you from the horror of the things you’d find lurking in your car, especially under your child’s car seat.

6. Nap Time?

Nap Time

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The many times you tried to get some sleep, but right about then is when your kids feel like they want to play with mommy.

7. The Perfect Baby Bump

The Perfect Baby Bump

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Who hasn’t dreamed of having a perfect, completely round pregnant belly? One of those fantasies drummed up in your head. Until reality hits. Good thing the shape of the bump has no impact on the baby.

8. Oh. My Breasts

Oh. My Breasts

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You were expecting just a minor change. But that’s not what you’re seeing.

9. Meal Time

Meal Time

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Feeding kids should be simple, right? They don’t eat much, after all. You’re a mom now. So, how’s that going?

10. Kitchen Duties

Kitchen Duties

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Doesn’t it just get overwhelming when no one comes to your aid in the kitchen? You already have the most demanding job in the world – being a mom.

11. Mom Friends

Mom Friends

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How many do you have? You didn’t think it’d be hard to have mom friends before you became a mom, did you?

12. Expectations


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You want your kids to change the world and live the dream. You probably already have their future planned. Jokes on you because they have something else planned, and, as you might have noticed, it doesn’t include changing the world. At least not yet.

13. The Exhaustion!

The Exhaustion!

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As a mom, exhaustion wouldn’t even nearly describe how you feel daily. In reality, exhaustion doesn’t even begin to cut it.

14. In Control

In Control

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‘They’re kids. How hard can it be to control them?’ The thoughts you had before you became a mom. Now that you’re a mom, are you in control?

15. Life As A New Mom

Life As A New Mom

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Being a mom changes you massively and not just physically. The earlier you embrace the fact that some things are going to be slightly different for you from now on, the easier it would be for you to adjust to this role.

It’s safe to say that being a new mom has its own set of challenges, fears, and exciting memories. Irrespective of the uncertainties and stress of being a new mom, nothing comes close to the joy of seeing your baby or watching your baby grow into a child. The best thing you can do is to enjoy both the good and the bad that comes with being a mom.

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