The Best Guide On What To Pack In The Hospital Bag For Dad

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When you think of the day your baby is due to arrive, all your focus is on the mother-to-be. After nine months of carrying a human inside her, it’s time to welcome the tiny tot into the world! It’s a big deal, and you’re all set for the big day! But what about the dad-to-be? What role does he have to play on the delivery day? Your due date is a scary day, and partners (husbands) are probably your biggest support system on that day. So, they must know how to help you out and make the day easier for you in whatever way they can.

Would-be fathers too have a big responsibility for the coming days. When the partner is in the hospital for the delivery, the husbands will have to be the supporting ones, taking care of everything. One important aspect of this would be to pack all the essentials that might be required during the stay at the hospital. Are you wondering what all should be packed for this stay? Don’t worry, if you’re wondering what to do, we’ve got you covered! Scroll below as we list down things dads-to-be should pack in the hospital bag:


1. Electronics


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There’s no denying that digital devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. So, don’t forget your electronics! Carry your smartphone, notepad, and chargers to ensure that you can contact your family members and close friends. You might also need them to capture those precious moments to cherish at a later time. And while you carry the devices, don’t forget to carry the charging cables and adaptors as well. The last thing you need is a device lying unused, drained of battery.

2. Toiletries


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You might have to spend a few days in the hospital until your partner is all set to go home. Therefore, pack a few essential toiletries. The first thing you’ll need is a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also pack a body wash, shampoo, and a towel. Carry deodorant too! You don’t want to smell bad the first time you meet your baby.

3. Car Seat

Car Seat

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You leave the hospital with an infant, which is super exciting! But that means you will definitely need a car seat. Safety comes first, so don’t compromise on a good quality car seat. Invest in one that makes your infant a hundred percent comfortable, safe, and happy.

4. Snacks


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The process of giving birth might be long and exhausting for your partner for sure. But it’s not a cakewalk for you either. You will be worried and anxious the whole time. Plus, you always have to be available in case of an emergency. Therefore, pack some nutritious snacks and drink a lot of water because you’re going to need the energy.

5. Change Of Clothes

Change Of Clothes

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You might be sleeping on the couch next to your partner’s bed, so ensure you carry some comfortable clothes. They might get dirty, so be prepared. If you’re at your maximum comfort level, you will be able to help out your partner the best way possible.

6. Medication


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If you are prone to headaches, carry appropriate medication. If you have a preexisting health condition, carry your meds accordingly. Granted that you’re in a hospital that has access to all the medication in the world, but the last thing you want is to be missing when your partner needs you because you were out looking for your medication.

7. ID Proof

ID Proof

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Hospital procedures require several signatures, approvals and involve a lot of paperwork. Therefore, carry your ID with you at all times. There might be situations where you’ll also have to provide your medical insurance copy — carry that with you too!

8. Glasses


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No, we don’t mean the wine glasses to celebrate your little one’s welcome into the world — save that for when you’re home! We are talking about the spectacles that help you see the world (and your baby) better. Even if your partner wears contact lenses, it’s a good idea to pack her glasses. Lenses might just add to the confusion and chaos during the birthing process.

9. Music


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You might get confused as to how one can pack music in the bag? Well you can pack a small Bluetooth speaker or a set of headphones though right? Your partner will be in a lot of pain, and there’s very little you can do to help her out during the delivery. But you may help her by easing her pain. And how do you do this? Make her a relaxing playlist! Studies show that playing music during labor helps distract the mother from the pain. It helps her manage her stress and eases her labor situation quite perfectly (1).

10. Pillow


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Yes, you’re in a hospital that has pillows, and they may be kind enough to offer you one. But sadly, they are not as comfortable as your own! When you’re sleeping next to your partner, you’d need some good rest, and these things (no matter how tiny they may seem) make a huge difference! Memory foam pillows too are a great addition if you feel like it. Memory foam pillows retain the shape they were last left at. This is really useful especially to expecting mothers because they might need to lie in a particular position that gives them the best comfort. So, yes, pack some things that can make your stay in the hospital a comfortable one.

Your partner has just gone into labor, and you’re waiting for the cutest miracle of life! No matter how magical that moment is, the time leading up to that can be incredibly stressful! So, follow our guide and pack everything you’ll possibly need during the delivery to make your life at the hospital easier. If you’re at your best, you can help your partner the best way! Did we forget to add any essential items to our list that a dad-to-be might need? Let us know in the comments below!


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