Here Is Why My Mother Is My Best Teacher

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There is no denying that our most significant role models in life are our mothers. From the time we are born, she takes care of us, nurtures us, and keeps us safe. A mother is the one who teaches us values and inculcates good habits in us. For the first few years of a child’s life, mothers are their first teachers. They learn how to talk and walk and also learn important life lessons. A mother teaches you that stealing is wrong, the importance of greeting and smiling, how to show respect to other people, and how to say sorry. When kids start going to school, teachers take up this role, but mothers will always be the primary teachers. So, with Teacher’s Day coming up, let’s look at why mothers make the best teachers:

1. Mothers Understand You And Your Temper Tantrums

Mothers Understand You And Your Temper Tantrums

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Kids often throw temper tantrums, and most often than not, they are directed towards the mothers. She does not take it personally. Instead, she tries to understand the underlying cause for the outburst and helps her kids deal with the issue.

2. Mothers Are The Epitome Of Patience

Mothers Are The Epitome Of Patience

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Every parent loves their kid, no doubt. But it takes a lot of patience to deal with kids. When they are babies, they cry through the night, poop all the time, and might be fussy eaters. When they grow up to be toddlers, they run around, are curious, and have to be regularly watched. Even when they become teenagers, they rebel and do precisely the opposite of what you’ve told them. Having kids and dealing with them daily requires patience, and mothers exhibit patience like it’s second nature to them.

3. Attitude Of Never Giving Up

Attitude Of Never Giving Up

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We have all probably heard of the saying “a mother’s job is a thankless one”, and it couldn’t be more accurate. Moms have a pool of superpowers to dip into to survive and come out strong from any situation. Besides, mothers are the rock of the family. Be it a financial crisis or an emotional one; mothers play a crucial role in providing the family with the strength they need to overcome a difficult situation.

4. Always Choose To Be Of Service

Always Choose To Be Of Service

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Mothers are the most selfless beings. They sacrifice and dedicate so much of their lives to the betterment of their children’s lives. They teach us the importance of giving, service, and being helpful to those in need. Mothers are always there for their kids to help them through everything life throws at them. They take it upon themselves and carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

5. The Importance Of Self-Love

The Importance Of Self-Love

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There is no denying that mothers put their children’s needs first and only then cater to their own. But in no way do they compromise on what they deserve. A mother bears the brunt of criticism and judgment from family members about raising her children, what values to teach them, and how to make a home. But they do not let it get to them and continue doing what’s best for their kids and family. They know in their hearts that they only wish the best for their children and do not let the opinions of the world affect them.

6. A Life Filled With Strength And Positivity

A Life Filled With Strength And Positivity

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Life throws a million things at us from our birth to our death. It is easy to lose the fight in us and give up, but mothers teach us to see the silver lining in every situation. They teach us the importance of positivity and help us find the strength to face life’s challenges. They are our strength in most cases, and we feel a sense of comfort and support when they are around.

7. The World’s Best Cook

The World's Best Cook

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Every kid who is fortunate enough to taste their mom’s cooking will probably agree that their mothers make the best food. They are not wrong. No matter how many fancy restaurants you go to or eat the food cooked by the best chefs in the world, you will crave your mother’s home-cooked food. It’s the best kind of comfort food, and you crave it when you have not had it for too long, are sick, or if you are simply missing home.

Mothers are a blessing in our lives. They are our first teachers, best friends, and well-wishers, who only want what’s best for us. If you could relate to this article, share it with your mom to thank her and remind her that she has been and will be your best teacher.

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