9 Of The Worst Mistakes You Can Make As A Parent

There’s no doubt that parenting is one of the most challenging jobs out there, and parents do tend to make mistakes here and there even though they have the best of intentions for their kids. Here are 9 of the worst mistakes you can make as a parent:

1. Not Looking After Yourself

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You cannot be a good parent if you are constantly overworked and stressed. Children can pick up on energies and sense when you are unhappy and frustrated. Besides, over time, it can even reflect on your parenting, and soon enough, you are projecting the same energy on your child. Thus, it is important to allow yourself to have some “me” time so that you can be the best version of yourself.

2. Forcing Your Kids To Be Happy

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Happiness is never a constant feeling. Even we go through the roller coaster of emotions from time to time. So, it is quite natural for your child to go through the same mix of emotions. Life is not always rainbows and unicorns, and it is important to let your children know that it is completely normal to experience these feelings. If we force our kids to always be happy, they will find hard to cope with tough situations in their adulthood.

3. Being Over-Protective

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Parents do tend to become over-protective when it comes to their precious ones, and it’s rather an endearing quality about a parent. But it’s also important to know where we should draw the line. Children who have grown up sheltered will often time find it hard to deal with situations on their own. They will crumble under pressure and will have a hard time fighting their own battles.

4. Obliging To Every Demand Of Your Kids

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Kids can be very stubborn at times, and throw temper tantrums if they want something. If we start giving in to every demand of theirs, they will start taking advantage of the situation. It is important to set your foot down when it’s necessary and let them know why they can’t have it. It is important to enforce age-appropriate limits on your child so that your child does not turn into a spoiled brat.

5. Comparing Your Kids To Others

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Almost every child/parent can relate to this. If our kids bring in low grades, we resort to comparing them with our neighbor’s or relative’s kid. Though it is done to bring in a sense of competition in your child to motivate him/her to do better, it is never a good approach. It can lead to low self-esteem and loss of confidence in your child.

6. Justifying Your Kids’ Actions

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If your child misbehaves, it is never a good idea to justify his/her actions. In doing so, your children will never learn to take responsibility for their own actions and they end up doing the same mistakes. Instead of looking the other way or rationalizing their behavior, it is important to teach them to own up for their mistakes and apologize.

7. Not Finding Family Time

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Today, we hardly find time to spend with our loved ones. We are so busy earning money and trying to build a life, that we forget to enjoy our time with them. Spending quality time can help build a strong bond with your child. You can take them out to a park or zoo, or plan fun indoor games.

8. Reacting To Situations

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It is easy to lose our temper with a child, and we are pretty quick to criticize or taunt them. But just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Always be careful of how you react to a particular situation, and try to handle it maturely instead of beating and abusing them. Nothing good ever comes out of it, and your child may end up fearing you.

9. Not Giving Them Any Free Time

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While it is good to engage them in piano lessons, dance classes or even tuition classes, make sure they have their leisure time as well. Too much of anything is bad, and over-scheduling your kids day can affect the growth and well being of your child. Children are able to explore themselves and bring in their creative side when they are bored.

No parent is perfect when it comes to raising a child. But we do need to make a conscious effort to identify the mistakes that we make along the way and raise our child to grow into a better human being.

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