11 Things To Avoid When Visiting Your Gynaecologist


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At some point in a woman’s life, we all have to visit the gynaecologist. Now, there are certain dos and don’ts that every woman should follow to not only make the appointment easier for the doctor but also for themselves! Here are the basic things every woman should keep in mind before meeting their gynaecologist.

1. Turning Google Into Your Doctor

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A lot of times women turn to Google if they are facing any sort of medical emergency, but one must remember that Google is never accurate and is not your doctor. Just because a Google search result says that it “may” or “could” be a type of disease, it does not mean it is. So, always seek your doctor’s advice before listening to anything you find on the internet.

2. Cancelling Your Appointment Because You’re On Your Period

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Being on your period is very normal and sometimes you might have your period on the day of your appointment. Always remember that your gynaecologist is prepared for this. It is okay to visit your doctor while on your period. They have a lot of appointments throughout the day that are booked months in advance. Cancelling your appointment can cause an inconvenience to them and probably will delay your appointment by weeks (1).

3. Not Cleaning Yourself Before Visiting Your Doctor

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Yes, your inner genital area is a self-cleaner but it is your duty to clean the outer area. Always groom your pubic area and wear a fresh set of underwear before visiting your doctor. Even if you’re on your period, make sure to use the washroom (change into a fresh pad or tampon) before entering the consultation room for your appointment.

4. Not Checking Yourself For Cervical Cancer

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A woman should always be alert to the symptoms of cervical cancer. Get regular Pap smear tests done, and if you feel something different going on down there, don’t hesitate to get it checked. It is always good to clear your doubts.

5. Worrying About Confidentiality

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Yes, a lot of your relatives and friends could be visiting the same doctor as you. But, no, your doctor doesn’t give out your information to anyone. That’s the first rule at any doctor’s clinic. However, you can always ask your doctor about this to be sure.

6. Forgetting To Tell Your Gynaecologist About Your Period Problems

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The worst thing that you could do at the gynaecologist’s is not tell them about your period problems. Menstruation is an important health indicator, and any changes in your cycle (however harmless you may deem them) should be brought to your doctor’s attention. Hence, be attentive and alert while visiting your doctor.

7. Not Sitting Low Enough

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When you decide to go see a gynaecologist, you must be prepared to sit in the correct position for your doctor to examine you. Remember, there is no point to being shy. They are professionals who are experts at their job. So, if you keep moving and don’t sit comfortably or low enough, it just makes their job difficult and takes a longer time. Thus, it is advisable to be as at ease with your doctor as you can.

8. Hesitating To Bring Your Partner To The Appointment

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It is completely alright to bring your partner along with you for your appointment. Some women can be extremely shy or may feel uncomfortable to be in a vulnerable position. Thus, bringing your partner along gives you a sense of comfort and security.

9. Stopping Your Medication

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If your gynaecologist has put you on the pill, you must finish the entire course before stopping it. In case you are facing any sort of side effects due to the medication, it is advisable to ask your doctor before stopping the pill abruptly. Further, do not start a new medicine or change your pill without seeking advice from your gynaecologist.

10. Not Asking For A Female Doctor

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If you feel uncomfortable having a male doctor, you can always ask for a female doctor instead. There is absolutely no harm in doing so and no doctor would be offended. At the end of the day, it’s all about the patient’s comfort level. So, never hesitate to ask for what you want.

11. Giving Incomplete Information About Your Symptoms

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If you’re suffering from some sort of pain in the genital area, then always remember to give all the details about what’s disturbing you. The doctor must know about it all so that they can figure out what’s wrong and can accordingly give you the care you need.

So, there you have it! These were the 11 worst things that can now be avoided before you see your gynaecologist. Always remember that your gynaecologist is there to help you, so it’s advisable to be completely honest.

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