What Runs Through His Head When He Finds Out You’re Pregnant

The fact that we can give life to a human being is nothing short of a miracle. It kind of makes us real superheroes that our body can do that. Though if we are being honest, the guy’s part is relatively simple. And not to forget, fun. But still, it’s a whole different experience for everyone involved.

Do you remember the first time you told the father of your child about your pregnancy? It can be an interesting experience to see how they react to the news of bun in the oven. Here are a few thoughts that will definitely cross his mind when he gets the BIG news…

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OMG. How Did This Happen?

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If you guys were trying to get pregnant, this thought might not cross your guy’s mind. But otherwise the first thought that will pop up in your guy’s head is “Wait, how could this happen? Didn’t we use protection?” Remember the scene from ‘Friends’ where Ross was shocked when he came to know that the success rate of condoms was only 97% effective?


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The initial feeling can be of utter shock or surprise. Women always have an idea what’s coming when they miss their period. Men, however, get no warnings whatsoever until you tell them. The shock factor will still be there even if you are married and have been trying for some time now.

I Have Zero-Knowledge About Babies

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They will realize they have no knowledge whatsoever about babies. They may even question if they are ready for it. “When do babies start walking or talking?” “I don’t even know how to change a diaper.” “Am I even ready to be a dad? Don’t worry, it’s all part of the utter shock that they just received from you. Things won’t start to sink in until they see the first ultrasound and the heartbeat of your little one.

I Hope It’s A Boy/Girl

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Your man may wish for a boy so that he can teach him soccer or play video games with him. Or he may want a girl to be daddy’s little girl and scare away all her high school boyfriends. Until you know the gender of the baby, he will be daydreaming about both boys and girls.

Can I Tell Everyone Yet?

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Your guy may feel like jumping up and down telling everyone about your pregnancy. But if you wish to keep it hush-hush for a few weeks or months, it’s best to tell him right at the beginning. Because as we know, they don’t know the basic etiquettes of certain female rules.

I Need To Make More Money

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You husband/partner may feel like their best bet is to win a lottery right now. Because let’s face it, babies can dig a hole in their wallet. The diapers, toys, clothes, formula, and crib is going to cost some real money. It will suddenly dawn on him that he needs to work hard to get a raise or might even consider changing jobs.

I’m Going To Be World’s Best Dad/I’m Going To Be A Shitty Dad

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He will have the urge to become the best dad by doing everything he can for his kid. He may also think of times when his own father let him down and would vow to never do any of those mistakes. But right after that, he is going to think about all the ways he will screw up. He drinks way too much, spends a lot of time playing video games, and how he hasn’t achieved anything he wanted to before fatherhood. But be thankful if he has those thoughts because it just means he cares.

My Life Is Over

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It may seem like a bad thing on the surface, but truth be told, things are never going to be the same again. His Sunday morning may look different. Though he might not be able to hang out with his friends for an afternoon beer, he will be spending time with an adorable little thing that will call him ‘Da-da’ soon enough. And he will realize this is what he had always wanted.

After the initial euphoria settles in, every time he looks at you, he will be reminded of how you two made a baby. Yes, a BABY! He will be quite impressed and will be proud of his little swimmers.

How did your husband or partner react when you revealed the news about your pregnancy? We’re sure it would be a fun story. Let us know in the comment section below.

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