8 Tips For A Successful Hospital Stay

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When you think of giving birth in a hospital, you feel a sense of safety and relief. It’s because you know that you’re surrounded by medical professionals who can take care of you in case of any emergencies. You know that you would have access to a doctor or a nurse at your beck and call any time of the day or night, and that gives you a sense of security. But apart from this, some things make you feel special. For example, you have friends and family visiting you during visiting hours just to make sure you’re okay. You might also have people leaving you cute notes, boxes of chocolates, or bouquets, and there’s no doubt that you’re enjoying all the attention.

Since you’ll be spending quite some time in the hospital during and after childbirth, it does make it kind of important that you are familiar with the in and outs of the place. After all, you want to experience the beautiful moment of welcoming your little one into this world and you want the best of everything. Giving birth in a hospital is a good decision, and ensuring a few important things will make it an even better experience. Here are eight tips to have a successful hospital stay while delivering your child:

1. Take A Hospital Tour Beforehand

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When you’re in your third trimester, you know that your due date is coming closer. In a few months, you will be in labor and be spending time in the hospital for a while. Therefore, you must take a tour around the hospital and get familiar with it. Check out the delivery rooms, NICU, birthing suites, and mother-baby rooms, so that you’re comfortable when your baby comes. Also, find out about visiting hours, food, snacks, and other rules that the hospital might have to know what to expect during your hospital stay.

2. Maternity Ward Is A Must

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After taking a tour of the hospital, you’ve got a feel of it in general. But now, it’s time for you to examine the maternity ward closely. It’s essential that you do because that’s where you’re going to be spending all of your time. Find out about the rooms, their facilities, and how different private rooms are from twin-sharing ones. Most hospitals also have luxury rooms that probably have a minifridge, huge television, and special Wi-Fi facility for their patients.

3. Look For A Back-Up Hospital

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You might have familiarized yourself with one hospital, but you should be prepared for any scenario. Therefore, have a backup hospital in mind and ensure you take a tour there as well. You should also consult your current medical staff regarding this. Have a frank discussion and tell them how you prefer to be careful and ready for the worst. This will help in a prompt and quick shifting of hospitals if the situation arises. Sometimes administrative hassles result in loss of precious time and you don’t want to go through that, do you?

4. Plan The Sibling Visit

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If you’re planning to have your older kids visit you in the hospital, you must consider that they might not be ready to see you in that state. Being plugged into an IV tube, in a hospital gown, and lying down with scary medical equipment all around you is not a comforting sight. It might terrify your children, especially if they are younger.

5. Fuel Up

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You are recovering from childbirth, and you must have lots of food and water to keep your energy levels high. Recovery can only begin if your body is getting enough nutrients. Therefore, make arrangements to enjoy lots of healthy food. You can consult a nutritionist too to help you decide on your daily choice of intake. A nutritionist will make the planning of food items easy for you. In case of any deficiencies or a lack of calcium, or bone health issues, consult your doctor and discuss the important supplements that would help you stay in the pink of health.

6. Take A Walk

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You might be exhausted after the delivery, but you must get out of bed and walk a little a few times a day. Movement is also an essential part of getting better, so make sure you get those steps going just around your room or corridor.

7. Accept That Roommates Suck

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If you are sharing your room with other patients, be prepared for anything. Roommates can be loud, annoying, and highly insensitive. Just when you manage to fall asleep after a lot of struggle, your roommate might scream and startle you awake. Try not to lose your patience but expect the unexpected. Who knows, maybe you’ll find an awesome roommate who’ll become your future BFF!

8. Plan It Out With Your Partner Or Family Members

Plan It Out With Your Partner Or Family Members

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When you’re in the hospital, you will be away from home as well as the household responsibilities. But if you are the one who is the boss man of the house, chances are that your partner will struggle with the household chores. So it would be prudent to plan these things out in advance. Maybe note down the important things on a notepad that your partner can refer to. Besides this, your partner or family members will have to assist you when you’re bedridden. Be it food, clothes, diapers for the baby, and many other needs, they would have to get them for you. Communicate it to them clearly in case they don’t realize it. Soon after delivery, for some time you should focus only on your own recovery and nursing the child, and not the otherworldly responsibilities.

There are things beyond your baby that you have to be prepared for after your childbirth. Your stay at a hospital will mostly be great, but it could go south in many ways. Therefore, consider these tips and keep an eye out for anything that comes your way. Don’t worry; you’ve got this! What was your takeaway from your stay at the hospital? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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