9 Parent Hacks To Make Caring For A Toddler Simpler

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Being a parent is challenging! It is a non-stop job that is filled with responsibilities, and there is no break from it. When you become a new parent, you learn a lot about taking care of your little one. People around you (doctors, family, friends, neighbors, parents) give you tips and tricks to make your life easier, and it helps! However, the craziest time for any parent is when their kids are toddlers. You have to constantly watch them like a hawk because toddlers are curious and explorative, which makes them a considerable danger to themselves.

While handling infants has its own set of challenges, it definitely becomes less when the child enters the toddler phase. In fact, in many ways the challenges are probably more. After all, a toddler is a moving talking person now with a mind of their own. Besides, you have to start imparting basic knowledge of living to them. So how to go about handling a toddler especially when he/she doesn’t listen to you that easily?

Here are nine hacks for parents who have to deal with troublesome toddlers. Hope these hacks make your life a tad bit easier:

1. Bedtime


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Toddlers are kids who can run around, scream, talk and play all the time. They might seem like a handful, but they are still babies. So, during bedtime, they might fall off their beds by rolling over the edge. This can not only cause injuries but can also leave a trauma from the shock,

Here’s a simple hack for you — place a rolled-up towel or a firm pillow at the edge of the bed to prevent your baby from rolling over and falling off. Additionally, on the floor double up the carpet so that in case they still roll over the towels and pillows, the impact is lowered.

2. Screen Time

Screen Time

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Toddlers have a lot of energy (we don’t have to tell you twice). So, let them play outdoors or in your backyard instead of spending a lot of time on video games. Sure, these digital games are fun and entertaining, but too much exposure to them could be harmful to your toddler. Therefore, limit your toddler’s screen time to one to two hours a day.

3. On The Go

On The Go

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When you’re out with your toddler, they might make a fuss about wanting to be carried. Toddlers are babies, but they aren’t tiny anymore, and carrying them for long distances could be strenuous for you. So, the next time they make a fuss about not wanting to walk, play a game with them. Tell them to push you across the street and pretend to move only because you are being pushed by them. Your toddler will have so much fun doing this that they’ll probably have no problem walking all the way!

4. Mealtime


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Mealtime can be messy with toddlers! They probably run around and make a mess all over themselves. Therefore, a tiny bib will not suffice. As your little one starts walking, crawling, and running around, use bigger full t-shirts as make-do bibs. It will prevent your baby’s clothes from getting ruined because of all the food spills.

5. Chores


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You might think that your little one is too young to do any chores. But it’s a good idea to start young and give them some “chore practice”. What does that mean? Encourage your kids to complete a few daily chores that are age-appropriate. Your toddler could put their dirty clothes in the laundry or help wipe the dining table after it’s been cleared. Simple tasks such as these will teach them responsibility and allow them to grow up into dutiful humans.

6. Dining Out

Dining Out

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Before you became a parent, you probably judged parents in restaurants who couldn’t stop their kids from making noise and disturbing the whole place. Now, it must haunt you to realize that that parent is you! Don’t worry because we’ve got a hack for you. Distract your kids by giving them super goggles or capes with napkins, tissues, or cardboard boxes. You can also give them a color pencil and encourage them to doodle on a tissue paper while enjoying your meal.

7. Potty Training

Potty Training

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When your toddler is just learning to use the potty, eliminating additional challenges can save you and them a lot of unnecessary drama! Toilet paper rolls are hard for toddlers to handle. Therefore, keep a pop-up tissue box in front of them so they can access the tissues easily. Also, avoid dressing them up in pants or shorts that require belts, buckles, and zips. Make use of pants and shorts with elastic waists that make it super easy for your toddler to take off..

8. Shopping


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When you take your toddler shopping (even if it’s just to the supermarket), you’ll have to deal with many “I want this, I want that”. How can you tackle this without making a scene? Tell them that you’ll take a picture of what they want and email it to Santa Claus. It’s a little cunning trick and won’t work forever for sure. But at least it will save you from buying that exorbitantly expensive toy that you really don’t want to shell out the cash for.

9. Organizing Toys

Organizing Toys

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Purchase two large shoe organizing boxes and place all the toys in them. You can segregate into two — one for stuffed toys and the other for hard toys. Let your toddler know that these are the designated places for them to put their toys back after they play with them.

It’s never easy to deal with a toddler because you have to watch them 24/7. It’s not practical, and even if you manage to do it, it can be very exhausting! We hope the hacks above help make your life easier so you can enjoy your time with your toddler with less stress. What other hacks do you follow while taking care of your toddler? Let us know in the comments below!

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